Crafty Things, Part I – Remembering Alaska

Since we have a day or so until our March project really kicks in, I thought I’d share some recent crafty things I’ve completed lately. Ok, so actually they were from last year and were mostly Christmas gifts and yes, it is March, but somethings just don’t get organized so easily! (Like a “show and tell” post!). But, because some of my faithful readers are my quilting buddies from my previous lifetime, I thought I’d do a little sharing.
Today it’s all about Alaska. I know, I know, you heard about Alaska for 4 months. But this is about Alaska memories! Have you ever heard of a “Shop Hop”? A Shop Hop is where area shops (in this case quilt shops) join together in some group marketing plan to entice shoppers to visit all of the shops and purchase stuff! With quilt shops the plan is often to purchase a particular block kit at each shop that can be sewn together into one large quilt. In Alaska, the Shop Hop covered the entire state, and while we made it to lots of those shops, we didn’t make it to all. But that didn’t stop us – my quilting buddy Naomi and I still managed to pick up (or have shipped to us!) 12 kits! If I had followed their directions, I would have ended up with a quilt that looked (more or less) like this –
Alaska Quilt
But I didn’t really want an Alaska quilt. So I decided to add borders and make individual wallhangings. A plan much more suitable for someone who lives in less than 400 square feet.
So, to help me remember the bears that we saw,
I made the bear wallhanging.
Alaska Bear
To help me remember the moose we saw (and oh, how l loved the moose!)
I put this together –
Alaska Moose
And my favorite fireweed…
Alaska Fireweed
The towering mountains –
Back to Lower 48 - Day 2-11
Alaska Mountains
The ancient glaciers –
Alaskan drive - day 13-36
Alaska Glaciers
the serene loons –
Alaska Loon
and while we never did see any Eskimos in kayaks, we did see some of those wonderful jackets –
Discovery Riverboat-7
Alaska Kayak
Oh, and the outhouses…..
Dalton Hwy-3
Alaska Outhouse
(This one is headed to our Vermont Cabin, where we do indeed have an outhouse!)
And then the last three –

Alaska Dragonfly Alaska Blueberries Alaska Eagle

Out of the eleven that I completed, five of them went to my unsuspecting family as gifts. ūüôā The other six are in my wallhanging “stash”. And every time I pull one of them out, I’ll be reminded of the wonderful summer we spent in Alaska!

Tomorrow – the rest of the Crafty Story!

4 thoughts on “Crafty Things, Part I – Remembering Alaska”

  1. These look great, still! I like them better than a whole quilt.
    And I love the pictures you put in your headers! ANOTHER really nice one.

  2. Are these hand appliqued or machine done? The work is beautiful, Steph. Cant’ wait for the next presentation today. I’M NOT DOING MUCH QUILTING RIGHT now but have started the $5 QUILT at Byrne and did my block for March already and hope I can do Aprils with a cast on or wait till the cast comes off and do it quickly. I’m doing pretty good today. have cut back on the pain meds but it’s a chore to get dressed with one hand. I can even get my own bra on now. That takes some work but it can be done!! Love your blog as always.

  3. Carol – you know how I feel about hand applique!!! These were done with fusible web, and then I machine appliqued (with clear thread) over them. They were lots of fun to make, and I really liked they combined a traditional block with the applique. Glad to hear that you’re on the road to recovery.
    And Lynne – thanks for mentioning my headers! Since this gets posted on FB also these days, lots of folks don’t actually come to my site. I’ve enjoyed changing up the headers – and I especially like this quail one! I feel like they’re looking at me saying – well, are we there yet?

  4. Steph, these are gorgeous! I love the way you mixed the traditional with the applique. As always, your work is beautiful, from your quilts to your photography. Keep up the good work!

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