Crafty Things – Part III The Memory Quilt

So, what has over 3000 pieces and has taken well over 5 years to complete?
The Memory Quilt!
quilt header
It’s been almost two years since I first mentioned this project, making memory stars from fabric I would pick up along the way to remind me of the different places we’ve seen, SOWER projects we’ve worked, family and friends we’ve seen, and other things that I, well, just wanted to remember! I’d collect fabric, work on the stars about a dozen at a time, recalculate how many I still needed, and then keep on collecting! I had the main part sewn together (all 179 stars, in no apparent order!) by the time we left for Alaska, picked up the border fabric while we were in Alaska, and after the Christmas sewing rush, got back on track with sewing that baby together. And last month I finally got it to a local machine quilter. We picked it up on our way here (Palmdale, CA), and I got busy on the binding.
Memory Quilt-3
(Meals? Who needs meals!)
Yesterday, March 5, 2010 it was finally completed!
Here are some of my memories, up close and personal!
Memory Quilt-5
Some of the stars are pre-trip – quilting friends that contributed squares, or the base fabric from the wedding quilt for our son Toby and his bride, Tammy.
Memory Quilt-6
This one reminds me of our February 2009 project where it rained and rained and rained.
Memory Quilt-7
Ah, the sweet memories of a weekend with my nephew, his lovely wife and beautiful new daughter!

Memory Quilt-9 Memory Quilt-8 Memory Quilt-11 Memory Quilt-15

New Hampshire, Georgia
Arizona, Nashville

Memory Quilt-1 Memory Quilt-2

Gary’s flannel “lounging” pants (that finally wore out!), Cabin Curtains

Memory Quilt-14
I did have to add a couple of stars to cover our Alaska Adventure, but they worked well as corner blocks.
Memory Quilt-12
I’m really happy with the machine quilting! I had it done at Georgia’s Quilting Obsession in Beaumont, CA, and I think she did a really nice job!
See where the binding changes from blue to green in the above photo? Here’s a close-up-
Memory Quilt-13
That’s to remind me to always cut an extra strip of binding before you use up all your extra fabric on other projects!

Although I had planned to use it on our bed, now that it’s finished, I realize it’s actually a little more than our little bedroom can handle!
Memory Quilt-4
But even though it may not have a (visible) place of honor in this little house of ours, it still is a treasure to me.
Ah, the sweet memories……

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