Adventures Delayed

Usually on weekends we try to spend one of our Saturdays doing chores and the other one on some type of adventure. This weekend we decided to get the chores out of the way on Saturday One (Friday), and then we would have Saturday to check out places with names like Devils’ Punchbowl or Bouquet Canyon or the Red Rock Canyon State Park (aka Little Grand Canyon of California). We were looking forward to dirt roads and great hikes and wonderful vistas. And we are still looking forward to them. The wind picked up on Saturday morning, and blew like crazy for the rest of the day. And when your house is rocking and rolling in the wind, it just doesn’t seem worth it to try to go for a drive, or find a good hike. We settled in for a quiet day around the house (well, except for that crazy wind! That wasn’t so quiet!). So, since the adventures will have to wait until next weekend, how about a little catch up on where we are, and what we’ve been doing?
First the geography –
Here’s the Big Picture –
Palmdale map 2
We’re in Palmdale, which is the little red dot in the yellow square.
And if you zoom in just a little –
Palmdale Map
you can see we’re in a reasonably populated area. The area is called the Antelope Valley , is considered “high desert” (we’re at about 2500 ft.), and constitutes the westward tip of the Mohave Desert. This is a topographical map that really shows the area –
The mountains to the north are the Tehachapis, and to the south are San Gabriel Mountains.
You wanted to know all this, right?

We’re on a main connecting road about halfway between Palmdale and Lancaster, whose joint population is about 300,000 people! So you can imagine that you can find any kind of store that you might be needing. But the beauty of where we are is that this is the view from the front of the church –
(Those are the San Gabriels, by the way).
And if I step out of our house (parked in the back of the church where we’re working), I can see the Tehachapis-
Light industrial park notwithstanding, it’s quite a nice view!
See that Joshua Tree at the left edge of the picture? I took a walk out for a closer look because I thought it looked like it might be getting ready to bloom.
And I was right!
I’m going to keep tabs on that tree – and hopefully I’ll get to see it open all the way! There are lots of Joshua Trees here (in fact, they are protected. You cannot cut them down, and if they are in the way of any development, they must be moved!), so it will be fun to see them bloom as the month goes by.
Here’s our parking spot behind Crosswind Community Church
where we’ve been busy doing general maintenance (the guys), and office work (the gals). Along with the church, it is also the location of Adventureland – Daycare through Kindergarten. Lots and lots of cute little kids ready to steal our hearts! (Oh, and give us colds!) 🙂
As you can see from our parking spot, our “morning commute” is a little more typical –
Morning commute - Palmdale
We had a good first week on the job – though the wind really slowed the guys down on some of their outside work. It was way too windy to be up on ladders or even do any outside painting, so they tried to keep busy doing inside stuff. Next week, who knows? The weather reports are encouraging – sunny and in the 70’s for most of the week. If the winds stay under 15 mph, we’ll be happy!
And one thing we are happy for every night is a beautiful sunset. One of the perks of being parked looking west!

Have a good week, everyone! And Devils’ Punchbowl – we’ll see you next weekend!

2 thoughts on “Adventures Delayed”

  1. Can’t wait to see more pix of that Joshua tree. It looks like it will be spectacular! Making potholders?

  2. 🙂 Matter of fact, there is a nice tidy pile of potholders on the table – and a not so neat pile of ones ready to go next to them! Did you want one?

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