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Well, I’ve finished my second cup of coffee this morning (or is it my third?) and the pipes are still frozen (delaying my long hot shower) so I thought I’d keep plowing through my Death Valley NP pictures and memories.
We were on day 3, and still our list of of “things to see” was pretty long! We’d moved to a different campground the night before so our focus was more on the southern end of the park.
We started at Zabriskie Point
zabriskie pano
How beautiful! The colors of these mountains just continued to amaze me!
Zabriskie Point-3
Zabriskie Point-2
Zabriskie Point-5
Our God is an AMAZING artist!
Zabriskie Point-4
That’s Gary, waiting patiently for me to finish taking pictures. He’s learned a lot about patience this trip!
After a quick drive through the Twenty Mule Team Canyon
20 Mule Team Canyon-2
we drove to Dantes View, over 5000 thousand feet above the lowest spot in North America, the salt flats of Badwater Basin.
Dantes View-1-1
(the snow capped mountains? That’s Telescope Peak – 11,049 ft.!)
Dantes View-2-1
See that big stretch of white down there? That’s where we were headed next!
First, though, we stopped at “Devil’s Golf Course” – “an immense area of rock salt eroded by wind and rain into jagged spires. So incredibly serrated that “only the devil could play golf on such rough links.”
Devil's Golf Course-1-1
Devil's Golf Course-2-1
We walked out for a little bit, but not too far. Not with my sense of balance anyway!
But what was truly spectacluar was Badwater Basin– elevation of 282ft. below sea level.
Badwater Basin-2
We walked out past the crowd –
Badwater Basin-3
but since it was 5 miles to the other side, we didn’t make it all the way across!
Badwater Basin-4
That’s Gary again, way far ahead of me. I’m back trying to find the “perfect” shot. Again.
Our final stop that day was the Natural Bridge – a good dirt road,
DV Mountains
and then a short hike to the bridge.
Natural Bridge-2-1
It was pretty impressive, but I confess that we found it almost ho-hum after the beauty of the Mosaic Canyon.
And that about wraps up the different places that we experienced while in Death Valley. But I don’t think it really describes the amazing colors and designs of the mountains-
Titus Canyon Drive-3
Death Valley Mountains
DV Mountains-1
or the wonderful vistas as we drove through the park.
Death Valley Road
DV Road
DV Road-1-2
DV Road-2
Oh, and the wildflowers were just coming into full bloom!
DV Wildflowers-3
DV Wildflowers-1-1
DV Wildflowers-4
Death Valley Wildflowers

Such a wonderful mini-vacation in a truly specatularly beautiful place. If you can, GO THERE.
But let me say this – come in with a full tank of gas –
DV Fuel prices

More pictures can be found HERE – if you have the time and the inclination!

Better get this day going – Gary is getting ready to be on the road. Next stop – Prescott, AZ and our April project at Prescott Pines Camp. It’s back to work for us!

But first, let’s see how that hot water situation is coming!

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