Seeing some of Pres-SKIT

So, just how much do you know about Prescott, AZ?
Did you know it was the state (well, territory) capital twice -1864 to 1867 and again from 1877 until it finally moved to Phoenix in 1889?
Did you know it has many Victorian style homes and, perhaps because of that, has been remarked to be the most Midwestern-appearing city in the Southwest. Prescott has 809 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places?
Many of those homes are Senator Way – the road we travel on to get into town.
Senator Way
Senator Way-1
Senator way
The street definately does NOT say Arizona to me! And I loved driving up and down it!

Did you know that Prescott is located in the Bradshaw Mountains of central Arizona, at an altitude of 5,400 feet (our parking spot is actually 6200 ft.)? Just outside of town are the Granite Dells –
(this is not my picture, because we never actually GOT to the dells, but I sure thought they’d be purty!)
We did drive through the Granite Dells on our way to Prescott – and that was pretty impressive!
Road to Prescott
Did you know that Prescott is a main “get away from the heat” destination for folks in Phoenix and points south? The average high temps in Prescott in the middle of the summer are in the high eighties – as opposed to the 100’s in Phoenix. Plus there are beautiful small lakes and TREES here!
Granite Basin Lake
Goldwater Lake
and a close up of those cattails –
Redwing blackbird
And as a bonus, it has some lovely sunsets (even from the Wal-Mart parking lot!0
Prescott sunset
This is a beautiful area, and we can certainly see why it’s a favorite playground for many Arizonians.

Coming soon – More on Prescott Pines, our April home!

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