The sinking sun – and the beautiful canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset-5
Last night’s sunset was lovely. I suppose I’ve seen prettier sunset skies, but the fading light made wonderful shadows and highlighted the colors of the canyon.
Grand Canyon Sunset-4
I’m not sure how that fellow in the bottom left corner actually made it to that rock, but he certainly did have quite the solitude view!
Grand Canyon Sunset-3
Looking toward the setting sun gave layers of gray – beauty in it’s own way.
Grand Canyon Sunset-2
And when the sun finally sank behind the horizon (and since we had to wait about 45 minutes (due to shuttle bus schedules) and it was pretty darn cold, I can really use the word “finally”), the grays turned to soft orange/red!
Grand Canyon Sunset-6
We welcomed the warm shuttle bus with gladness, but we were very happy (Well, I was anyway. Gary maybe not so much) that we made the trip.

This morning’s sunrise? Well, that didn’t work out so well. We were up and at the shuttle stop by 4:45 (leaving us an hour to get to an overlook by sunrise @ 5:45). However, the bus didn’t arrive until about 5:15 and the driver thankfully said that there was very little chance to get to an overlook before the sunrise. And we know, the sunrise waits for no one. We came back to the house, drank our coffee in warmth, and enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning. Just not one overlooking the Grand Canyon!

One thought on “The sinking sun – and the beautiful canyon”

  1. Love your sunset pictures!! I really believer there are no adequate words to describe it. And if I feel this way about the Grand Canyon, can’t even imagine how I will feel when I finally see Jesus, who created the Grand Canyon and everything else we enjoy. Boggles the mind.

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