Monday – wrapping up the Grand Canyon

We pulled out of our campground at the Grand Canyon on Monday morning, but there was still plenty to see in the GC. Since we were heading out the East Entrance there were still plenty of overlooks to take our breath away!
Grand Canyon East-1
Grand Canyon East-3
Grand Canyon East-4
We stopped at the Watchtower at the east end of the park. Although this tower looks like it’s been around for hundreds or years, it was built in 1932 by Fred Harvey in the early days of the park. There is a lot of information about the Native Americans that lived in the canyon, but it really started out as just a tourist gimmick.
Grand Canyon East-5
And the guys repointing the stone are definately NOT historic!
By the time we left the park we felt that with the exception of not doing any hiking IN the canyon, we really had “done” the Grand Canyon. What a great 2 1/2 days!
We took a little detour (leaving Lizzie in a friendly visitor center parking lot) south toward Flagstaff to check out a couple of other National Monuments.
Sunset Crater
This was a pretty recent volcano (like 800 years ago), and it was interesting just driving through the lava and ash fields.
Sunset Crater Natl Monument-1
Sunset Crater Natl Monument-2
Sunset Crater Natl Monument-3
The loop road that drove through the crater area took us right into
Wupatki National Monument where I enjoyed exploring some very well preserved pueblos.
Wupatki Natl Monument-3
Gary opted not to take the walk to the ruins, but cheered me on from his vantage point!
Wupatki Natl Monument-2
We covered a fair bit of road on Monday (counting our little side trip) – and as always, the scenery was as varied as it was beautiful!
Arizona Road
Arizona Road-1
Arizona Road-2
Arizona Road-3
That little community held our parking spot for the night – the back lot of a Burger King – and our fist glimps of Monument Valley – our major stop for Tuesday.
Stay tuned……

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