Canyonland National Park

Our Rock Tour continued with a day at Canyonland National Park. And even though the sky wasn’t as bright and blue as I would have liked, and we kept our hats and gloves close at all times, it was a wonderful day. What a beautiful park, with lots to see and do! Hiking, biking, off-road vehicle exploring, tubing, rock climbing, you name it, if it’s an outdoor sport, you can probably find someway to do it here at Canyonland. We only had a day so we opted for a couple of short hikes, driving the park’s scenic roads and finishing the day off with an incredible 4 wheel drive!
Some of the beautiful vistas from our day –
Then there was the Shafer Trail – our 4×4 adventure!
Shafer Trail-3
Shafer Trail-2
Yep, that’s the road!
I kept telling myself, this road was made for uranium trucks, this road was made for uranium trucks, this road was made for uranium trucks. And then I prayed that no one was coming UP the road.
Shafer Trail-4
Shafer Trail-5
Ooooo – and the views as we decended into the canyon floor were amazing!
Shafer Trail-6
That’s the Colorado River meandering through the canyon.
And that’s the other half of the “meander”.
Everywhere we looked there were more stunning rock formations.
And more beautiful views.
This body of water is part of a potash mine – it was a beautiful blue, quite unlike the red/brown color of the Colorado!
And of course, along with all of the wonderful rocks, I was also busy zoning in on any spot of color I could find. I love spring and all of the wildflowers in bloom!

Canyonland flowers-10 Canyonland flowers-3 Canyonland flowers-5 Canyonland flowers-9 Canyonland Canyonland flowers-7

We were going to try to get to Arches National Park today too, but the dirt road adventure was a bit longer than we expected so we’ve moved Arches to tomorrow. Better get rested up – so many rocks, so little time!

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