Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon-9_edited-1
WOW – I am so glad that we saved Bryce Canyon for the end of our Rock Tour. All of our previous stops were EXCELLENT – but to finish off with something this unique, made a wonderful conclusion for a wonderful adventure.
We camped in a lovely state park not to far from Bryce that had it’s own Red Rock thing going!
Bryce Canyon-1
How sweet is that!
Since we arrived in the area in the early afternoon, we didn’t do anything too involved that first day at Bryce. You know, it was kind of a “scope out the situation” kind of day. We did the visitors’ center, watched a wonderful video, and then took the scenic drive to the end of the canyon. And then, of course, we stopped at every overlook on the way back. I can’t say that Gary got out of the truck at every stop, but I wasn’t going to miss a thing! Here are some shots from that first day –
Bryce Canyon-2
Bryce Canyon-3
Those two are from the farthest overlook point – and what a vista! The ranger said it was a good 100 mile view – and I believe him!
And as we made our way down the road…..
Bryce Canyon-4
Bryce Canyon-5
Bryce Canyon-6

We decided to come back to catch the sunrise the next morning, so after we picked our spot from the many wonderful overlooks (Bryce Point with its view into the main amphitheater) we headed back home. A nice hot dinner, some good reading and another lovely sunset completed our day.
Bryce Canyon-7
We left the next morning at 5:30 (for a 6:30 sunrise) and waited with these other good folks for the sun to appear!
Bryce Canyon-8
And let me tell you – IT WAS COLD! and WINDY! I can’t imagine what the wind chill was – but my 5 layers of clothes and jackets weren’t really enough. But enough whining! Ah, the sunrise ……
Bryce Canyon-9
Well, actually what was spectacular was the rising sun hitting the canyon walls – my, oh, my, how it made them dance!
Bryce Canyon-10
Bryce Canyon-11
Bryce Canyon-12
After my fingers thawed, we had a lovely breakfast at the Bryce Canyon Lodge before we hiked the Queen’s Garden and Navajo Loop trail – “The Best Three Mile Hike in the World!”
Bryce Canyon-13
Bryce Canyon-14
Bryce Canyon-15
It took us right down (and I mean DOWN) to the canyon floor – so beautiful!
Bryce Canyon-16
Bryce Canyon-17
Bryce Canyon-18
And of course, what goes down, must come up! And up we came –
Bryce Canyon-19
THIS! There were about 4 more switchbacks before we made it too the top. We were certainly out of breath, but we were pretty happy with ourselves. What a beautiful (and heart pounding) hike!
I kept clicking picitures as we returned to the truck (’cause that’s what I do!)-
Bryce Canyon-20
and I was very pleased to catch this little bird before it took flight!
Bryce Canyon-21
I think it’s a female western bluebird – but I’m not sure. Anyone out there have a better guess?

After our hike (we did it in just under 2 hours – yes, we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves!) we returned to the campground, got packed up and hit the raod. Since we had such a “nice” early start we were on the road by 11AM! Over three hundred miles later we’re stopped at a nice picnic area and we’re both BEAT! Gary’s already hit the sack, and I’m following close behind. I have a couple of other stories from our Rock Tour, but they’ll have to wait.

4 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park”

  1. Oh, Lovely!!!! Don’t you love how the canyon walls seem to glow? I for one have THOROUGHLY enjoyed your rock tour. I hope I’ll be posting my own rocks in a bit. It remains to be seen if I can post while we’re away or if I’ll be MIA for a while. And I have a feeling lots of my rock pix will look like the Cedar Breaks one. Yikes!

  2. Thanks for posting your beautiful pictures of Bryce. I may never see it in person, so this is surely the next best thing.
    Love your bird, too. Not a clue as to what she is.

  3. Lovely to hear from you and even better to see what you have.I knew when we saw you that you were smnoeoe who KNEW his lens and craft very well.Bryce Canyon is a spectacular spot and having been on these trails many timesI know the joy you found.Beautiful image.

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