Zion National Park

So. Zion National Park. We’d heard rave reviews about this park – and it certainly was beautiful!
I wanted to give you a taste of this beautiful park, but since I think maybe you’re getting a little tired of rock pictures, I thought I’d go with a slightly different angle. So while there may still be some rock pictures in this post, there will always be at least something else going on!
Zion NP-2
Hardly a rock in view! We saw lots of wonderful wildflowers in this park. It was fun collecting pictures of them!
One of the hikes we took was the Emerald Pool hike. Oooooo – beautiful waterfalls!
Zion NP-3
And this park was much greener than the other parks on our Rock Tour. Probably because this nice river – the Virgin River – ran through the middle of it!
Zion NP-4
We also took the Riverside Hike – which was along side the (you guessed it) river. This hike eventually leads to the Narrows which you then get to hike through by actually hiking in the river. Since the water was still flowing pretty hard and the water temperature was about 47 degrees, the Narrows hike was closed. But it didn’t stop some folks from having a good time in the water –
Zion NP-7
(She made it to the rock, but we didn’t wait to see if she made it back. That might have been tricky!)
And speaking of people “playing” on the rocks –
Can you find the two people rock climbing in this picture? Ca-rA-zy!
Here are more flowers – probably not wild, but I do love these cactus flowers :).
Zion NP-8
Although there was lots to like about Zion, the very best part of it was that we shared it with some good friends. We were delighted to be able to connect with some dear SOWER friends that we hadn’t seen in several years! It was great fun hiking and visiting and looking at rocks with them!
Zion NP-5
Stan and Carlie – thanks for joining us and making it such a special day!

We drove back to our campground in a round about way to check out Cedar Breaks National Monument. We had heard was a beautiful spot and were considering stopping there (with the rig) once we started heading west to our SOWER project. We’re glad we did a test run. Not only was the “scenic” drive it was on was not really suited for RV driving, but the park itself hadn’t even opened for the season. (Though we could have skied in if we had wanted to!)
CedarBreak Road-2
It wasn’t even plowed out!
But we did enjoy a beautiful sunset –
CedarBreak Road-1
So glad we did that test run!

Stay tuned – one park to go
Bryce Canyon!

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