Less Rocks, More Water

Before I get too deep into our Saturday chores – laundry, vacuuming, dusting, toilets (blech), etc.- I wanted to share our “Saturday One”. After our two week “Rock Tour”, Gary has just about had it with the entire sightseeing venue. However, persuasive female that I am, I manage to convince him that we did need to get to Lake Tahoe. I mean, really, we might never come this way again.
So off to Tahoe we went!
And my goodness, what a beautiful lake/area that is!
Lake Tahoe Day-11
We drove around the lake counter-clockwise, coming down on 89 and going back up 267 to I80. All along the map were those little green dots. You know, the “this is a scenic drive” green dots. We love them. Especially when we’re NOT driving the RV. (We like them in the RV too, but sometimes it’s a little more hair-raising in the house!). Poor Dear Gary stopped every time I asked him too – scenic overlooks, state parks, waterfalls, any little whim. Not only was the lake beautiful, but the crowds were nil. Ah, the blessing of being a tourist during the “shoulder season”!
Take, for example, Sugar Pines Point State Park. Look at this place –
Lake Tahoe Day-1
Lake Tahoe Day-4
Lake Tahoe Day-5
Lake Tahoe Day-6
Can you imagine how full of people this would be in the summer?
This park is also home to the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion– built in 1905, and restored to its 1920 splendor.
The tours weren’t running yet (remember, it’s the “shoulder season”), but we could peek in the windows-
Hellman-Ehrman Mansion
I love old houses!
After our lovely walk through the park and around the grounds of the house, we continued on around the lake.
Next stop – Emerald Bay, with it’s beautiful Fannette Island!
Lake Tahoe Day-8
They say this is one of the most photographed views in America. Believe me, I did my part!
There’s a walk down to the shoreline and another mansion, but we opted to stay top-side and just enjoy the view!
And while not all the shops were open yet, we managed to find a great lunch in South Tahoe before we started up the Nevada side of the lake.
Lake Tahoe Day-10
Our final official stop was at Memorial Point in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
Lake Tahoe Day-11
And there a sweet couple offered to take our picture, eliminating the need to find a rock or stump to balance the camera on (or do the out-stretched arm shot – boy, are we bad with that!).
Lake Tahoe Day-12
It was an all together lovely day. And unless you actually want to go IN the water, or perhaps enjoy some of the amazing snow sports that this area is famous for, I’d highly recommend the “Shoulder Season”.
One Boat
I mean really, ONE boat? 🙂

One final shot from the day –
We often see dogs hanging out the windows (or standing in the back of the pick-up) enjoying the breeze in their faces. Especially on back roads. But I think this is the first time I’ve seen a horse catching the breeze while zipping down the INTERSTATE!
Have a great Saturday – it’s way past when I should be getting some chores done!

2 thoughts on “Less Rocks, More Water”

  1. I’ve been thinking of you, seeing all these big rv’s in the campground. I can’t imagine being here in peak season with everyone else. The campground is very quiet and the scenery spectacular. We’ve seen so much wildlife, but no bears yet. Maybe in yellowstone. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Lake Tahoe is amazingly beautiful. I’ve been there once. Your pictures are great. Tell Gary I said ‘THANK YOU! for humoring you so you could share these great pictures with us.

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