The Doctor Visit

A sure sign that you are a “transient” patient is when the doctor enters the examining room and after looking at the chart and then looking at you, says –
“OK, you both look a little familiar, but can you remind me why you’re here? Oh wait – I remember now, you’re the travelers!”
Yep, that’s us!
We were back for our post-discharge appointment with the neurologist (who had, in all honestly only seen Gary twice, and me once) to measure Gary’s progress following his diagnosis of a subdural hematoma (SDH) -a collection of blood between the skull and brain that ususally requires emergency brain surgery. (Instead of surgery, we had been sent home with a “get plenty of rest, “listen to your body”, and take Tylenol if you get a headache!)
I’d seen improvements in Gary every day since we’d been home. He’s walking better (still likes holding my hand, but maybe it’s just ’cause he likes me!), isn’t having as much trouble staying focused, and is back to winning at cards. Oh yeah, lots of improvement!
After a quick exam (I mean, really quick. Close your eyes. Hold out your arms. Touch your nose with your right hand. (did it)Touch your nose with your left hand. (did it)), he proceeded with the following evaluation.
The Good News –
Gary is doing great! The trauma is an old one and the brain seems to be adapting to whatever it was that changed and produced the weakness and tingling in the first place. The symptoms seem to be almost all gone and he can continue to add activities to his daily life as he feels able.
The Not so Good News-
Until Gary has another CT scan, he can only assume that the SDH is still there, is still large, and unless it resolves itself will eventually need to be dealt with surgically. Ouch. While he’d be happy to “take care of it”, he sees no problem with us waiting until we get back to “home base” to have the surgery. He also recommended that, for now, Gary not do any driving. (That could make it a little tricky getting back to that “home base” – wherever that might be!)

So for now, we are waiting. And praying. Waiting until next Thursday (the 17th) for another CT scan and appointment with our friendly neurosurgeon. And praying that the scan will show a greatly resolved SDH, and that amazingly no surgery will EVER be needed.

And meanwhile, I’m kicking Gary back to work – maybe just riding the mower, but still being a SOWER. And he’s teaching me about parts of Lizzie that I had always totally reserved for him – the roof!
Steph on Roof
(Do you see that skinny ladder……:/)

Keep praying – we need that ol’ SDH GONE!

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  1. I shared your request with family and friends, and that’s exactly what we’re praying for! love and hugs!

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