So it’s going to be a Looooong Drive.
CA-PA Header
3180 Miles. Yikes!
But every journey, as they say, begins with the first step –
Leaving DA
Getting out of our parking spot at Diamond Arrow
leaving DA-1
and navigating the little winding mountain road down to the main highway.
OK, so main highway still meant winding road over mountains, but it really was a little wider!
Leaving Nevada City-1
Once we got onto I80, we just had to deal with skinny constructions lanes
Leaving Nevada City-4
as we crossed over Donner Pass and headed into Reno.
Leaving Nevada City-3
Leaving Nevada City-5
I think those first 100 miles might just have been the trickiest of the over 3000 ahead of us!

After a nice quiet night’s sleep behind the Nuggets Casino
Monday Morning
we noticed a little problem as we hooked up the truck –
Uh-oh – it doesn’t look good!
Turns out the power steering fluid filter resevoir had lost it’s cap –
Never a good thing. And it isn’t something you have a spare for. However, we do have a quick thinking Gary along –
McGyver Fix
And it held like a charm (and hopefully will continue to do so until we can order a new top!)
As for the drive – it was lovely!
Monday Drive-1
Monday Drive-2
Monday Drive-3
but yet, more construction….
Monday Drive-4
Monday Drive-5
And our resting spot for tonight –
Winnemucca, Nevada
evening sky
and the campground is filling up!

250 miles down, 2930 to go. Give or take a turn or two!

3 thoughts on “3180”

  1. ooh, are you going to stop in and see Jon and Em in Chicago? Looks like a fun drive!

  2. We just traveled that same route….in the opposite direction. Glad to see you moving along. I wish I’d known you were at the Nugget (I thought they banned RVs in their lot looks like that’s not the case.)

  3. Chris – we haven’t set anything up, but YES! we’re hoping to get in a quick visit with Jo and Em (and little Ada of course).

    HT – About the Nugget parking in Reno – I actually called to see if they had parking for RVs, and they said yes. But the RV parking was not exactly at the casino. It was a couple of blocks away, but clearly marked. By morning there were about a half dozen of us enjoying the sunrise over the distant casino towers! We love free parking!

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