Ribbons of Road

We had a great day today – combining some scenic non-interstate roads with a little history, some wonderful wildflowers and a little bit of good neighboring. 🙂
Here are some of those ribbons of road –
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-1
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-3
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-35
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-38
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-40
With all that road stretching ahead of us, it only made sense to break up our drive at Independence Rock
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-33
During the middle of the 19th century, the rock was a prominent and well-known landmark on the Oregon, Mormon and California emigrant trails. Apparently it was about half way – and folks often reached it right around Independence Day – hence the name. We could see why it was a good stopping place – there was water, and lots and lots of grass for the livestock. We hiked around it and found many spots where the pioneers had left their mark on the rock.
Here are some shots from our little hike!
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-8
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-9
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-23
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-29
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-32
All along the way around the Rock there were beautiful wildflowers – I had to combine them into a collage so you wouldn’t tie up all your bandwidth with the pictures!
Wyoming Wildflowers
As we returned to the rig we noticed an older couple with a 5th wheel that seemed to be having some trouble with their awning. And even though Gary is not supposed to be doing ladder-type things (ahem), there is something in his nature that requires him to help. It wasn’t a permenant fix, but I think it will get them to civilization and a true repair!
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-34
Later we stopped to see if we (he) could help with a flat tire – but they seemed to have it under control.
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-44
I love this man.

The wildflowers along the way were also stunning.
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-36
And a couple of times Gary even pulled over so I could get a closer look!
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-4
Wyoming Drive 6.25.10-41
Those seed “puffs” were about 3″ in diameter. So cool!

We’ve made it to Gillette, WY – just a stone’s throw from South Dakota, and it’s back to interstate driving (I-90 this time). It was delightful to take “the road less traveled” today, and it was especially nice that we did indeed get to stop and “smell the roses” along the way!

PS – there are a couple more shots from our day HERE just in case you’d like to see more!

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  1. Oh, and we were too early for wildflowers too. Thanks for showing us what we missed. 🙂

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