Staying still for a bit

We were back on the “big road” on Saturday, and even though the bright blue skies were just a memory, it still was a lovely drive!Road to Rapid city-1
Road to Rapid city-2
Road to Rapid city-3
Road to Rapid city-4
Road to Rapid city-5
Road to Rapid city-6
And the good part was that those long ribbons of road led to South Dakota – a totally new state for us. 🙂
Road to Rapid city-7
Back, oh, a lifetime ago, it seems, we had planned on working a SOWER project in Rapid City. Our plans were changed with Gary’s hospitalization, but we still wanted to spend at least a couple of days checking out the sights around Rapid City. And as an added bonus we’re hooking up with some good buddies that are going to be working that SOWER project in July. Today, after we worshipped at a friendly neighborhood church, we checked out The Journey’s Museum, which had been highly recommended to us.
Journey Museum-1
It started with the dinosaurs,
Journey Museum-2
explained all of the geology in the area
Journey Museum-3
had some great displays about the Lakota Indians (which I failed to photograph :() and then moved on to the settlement of Rapid City itself.
Journey Museum-4
It was a good day!

We’re still in boon docking mode (tonight we’re enjoying a nice quiet Cabela’s parking lot), but tomorrow we’ll be heading into a campground as we move into full-fledged tourist mode! It will feel very good to push out the slides and not worry about the length of my showers!

Mt. Rushmore and those Black Hills – here we come!

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