Girls just want to have fun

So, it’s been pretty darn hot here in Marysville, OH. And “hot” usually sends little kids out in search of water to play in! Fortunately for my little grandgirls, there’s a great splash park nearby where we were able to cool off –
Fountain Play-1
Fountain Play-3
(That’s Pops behind Ellie, getting ready to terrorize her. Ah, the memories!)
Everyone had a really fun time-
Fountain Play-2
Fountain Play-7
Fountain Play-6
Fountain Play-5
Fountain Play-4
Fountain Play-13
but long after the big girls had retreated to the blanket
Fountain Play-16
little Maddie was still going strong –
Fountain Play-8
Fountain Play-9
“Hmmm, let’s see if that will happen again….”
Fountain Play-10
Fountain Play-11
Fountain Play-12
Needless so say, it was a great way to cool off! (And the trip to the DQ after dinner didn’t hurt either!)

Mom and Dad have left us in charge for a couple of days, so this morning we are heading out for a 3 day camping adventure! (Of course, when you go “camping” in a motorhome, it pretty much just means that you’re driving the house a little closer to the pool!). The natives are stirring, and there’s still lots to do to get ready to go, so it’s Ta-Ta for now! But fair warning, there are bound to be more grandgirl pictures in the not so distant future!

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