Pennsylvania Welcomes You

After two years away, I think I’d forgotten some of the things that I really love about Pennsylvania.
Like the beautiful rolling hills, in all of their green splendor –
PA Hills
Or the majestic barns that dot the countryside.
PA Barn
But as much as we were looking forward to seeing good ol’ Pennsylvania terraine, it is really the friends and family that we were going to be able to see as we crossed the state that had us excited!
Like my college roommate!
Deb and Me
Forty-one years ago we were put together as roommates because her last name started with DR and mine started with DW. Our lives have taken different paths, but still the bond that was formed back in 1969 remains. We had a delightful visit with her and her hubby – Thanks, Deb for sticking with me all these years!
And then there was a sweet visit with my nephew Mike, his beautiful wife and their kiddos!
M&R Fitz
We were delighted to spend a couple of days with them, parked in front of their home. I confess it helped with our Ellie-Hayley-Maddie withdrawal symptoms to be able to play with the little ones. We should be getting to seem them a little more regularly in the future since Mike (well, the practice he works with) has consented to be our family doctor. We both got a clean bill of health (ok, so Gary still has that subdural thingymabob, but with no symptoms there really isn’t anything to do!), so we seem to be good to go for another year or so. It was lovely to see Mike and Robyn – we hadn’t even met their littlest one!
And right now we are in New Freedom, PA where we’ve been able to visit with two of our close SOWER friends. As an extra bonus, two other SOWER couples joined us for a pot-luck last night. What a fun and wonderful evening!
Eshbaugh party
I’ve got to tell you, these are some of my very favorite peeps!

Tomorrow early we will be heading a bit north to Lancaster, PA where we’ll be spending a week with our son Josiah and his wife Abigail. We’re so looking forward to seeing them, their “new” (100 year old) house, and their puppy dogs! We’re totally ignoring the “3 Day Rule” (fish and company begin to smell after three days), but I think they might find something for us to do during our time there. I mean after all, Gary is coming with his tools!

Better get to bed – we want to be in Lancaster for worship with J&A!
Sweet dreams!