Wanna go for a walk?

It’s a pretty nice day here at The Cabin – want to take a walk to the pond?
Pond view
Walk to the Pond_edited-1
Even the walk to the pond involves a nice path through the woods-
Walk to the Pond-2
with some lovely wildflowers along the way.
Walk to the Pond-1
Walk to the Pond-4
See that washtub in the underbrush?
Walk to the Pond-3
When I was a young un’, my grandfather and I (and any other grandkidlins’ that happened to be along) would stop there, tip the washtub over and dig in that special spot for the best fishing worms. We’d then head to the pond with our tin cans of squirming dirt and learn about putting worms on hooks and catching trout for lunch! Back in the day, Grampy Doc would keep the pond stocked with trout – today it’s populated mostly with bluegills, salamanders, frogs and a couple of turtles. Still fun to catch, but not quite lunch material!
Moving along memory lane –
Ah, the pond –
Walk to the Pond-5
and more lovely wildflowers
Walk to the Pond-6
Walk to the Pond-7
Walk to the Pond-8
And of course, the main reason I walk to the pond these days is to take my annual Cabin Picture –
Walk to the Pond-9
And then a couple more variations –
Walk to the Pond-10
Walk to the Pond-11
This guy stayed still long enough for me to snap his picture –
Walk to the Pond-13
Such color!
Instead of taking the trail back up to the cabin, let’s go back up the old road –
Walk to the Pond-14
Walk to the Pond-15
Over the hill, we come to another view of the cabin –
Walk to the Pond-16
Wait – is that Josiah and Abigail, snatching a hug on the lawn?
Walk to the Pond-17
Perhaps they’re discussing the disadvantages of sharing the one room Cabin, with all of its romantic seclusion, with your parents?
Or maybe they were just planning on where to go on these –
Walk to the Pond-20
Who needs romance when you have ATV’s!!!!!
Before we finish up the walk – one last picture –
Walk to the Pond-19_edited-1
It might only be mid-August, but here in Vermont the signs of Fall are beginning!

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