A little more Cabin before we move on

We’ve been having a lovely time here in Cobourg, Ontario, visiting with my Canadian Family, but I wanted to share just a couple more (“couple” being a relative term) vingnettes/pictures from our time in Vermont. You know, just in case you were wondering if I REALLY liked the place!
First of all, you have to know that my dear husband LOVES the Cabin. Not just the food and the quiet and the utter restfulness of the place, but the fact that he can set up his tools on the screened-in porch and play with wood! The only defined chore that he had was to finish constructing the last three screens on said porch, but believe me, this guy just kept going until he ran out of wood! (And then we would just take a road trip to Home Depot and buy more!)
2010 08 30
New wood box, new sink “surround”, new bench at the pond,new screw box, new grill station. This was definatly a case of a man with too much time on his hands and too much wood available! (But I confess, I loved every last little bit of “stuff” that he made!)
Then there were the ATVs! My brother brought over his two ATVs for us to use during our time there. What a blast – and what a blessing! Whether we were exploring
or using it for hauling –
we surely loved having them at the Cabin. Thanks, Dewey and Sharon for sharing!

Ah, and the company!
Besides Josiah and Abigail, with whom we shared the first week –
Cabin Conrads 2010
(loved that!!!!)
we also had Lynne and Roger for an overnight. More fun!!!!

LynneRoger ATV G&S ATV

Plus we enjoyed several visits from family in the area!
blackberry pie on the lawn
Here we are enjoying that blackberry pie with my SIL, brother, BIL, and sister. Great company to accompany that great cabin food!
Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend a late summer evening!

Oh, and a couple more pond shots –
OK, I know this is dark and fuzzy, but if you look very closely there is a Blue Heron standing at the edge of the pond (down from the left side of the boat). You can actually see his reflection more clearly. I’ve never seen one here before (although my niece reported a sighting earlier this summer), and we’re delighted that he graced us with his presence.
And the pond did have other activity too!
Josiah gave a brief stab at fishing
Josiah fishing-1
And great-nephew Marshall went for a swim (joined by a couple of the dogs).
While Gary was busy doing the final construction on the new pond bench, I was busy with my camera. Imagine that!
Pond Shots

The Burn Pit –
One of the chores we had been assigned was burning the burn pit – which had accumulated an abundance of branches and trash over the last summer or two-
It took us several days of attempts before we got it to actually burn all the way –
Pit Fire
but by the time we left we felt we had it pretty much down to the basics.
Who knew there were actually stones at the bottom of the pit! I’m sure by next spring it will be filling up again (and the blackened edges will all be green!).

OK, OK, enough is enough!
We’re here in beautiful Cobourg, Ontario
but more on that later!
Thanks for hanging around for one last (for this year anyway!) post about The Cabin!

PS – if you’d like to see a couple more pictures of our time in Vermont (like one of Gary as a cow at the Cabot Creamery), feel free to browse the bunch HERE!

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