Cobourg – Ontario’s “Feel Good” Town

When I mentioned on Facebook that I was in Cobourg, Ontario, a friend commented that they were thinking about visiting Cobourg and asked what it was like. Now I knew that WE were in Cobourg to visit family – my stepmom Jo and her son Charlie and his family. And a lovely, lovely visit we had!
(Sorry, Charlie, you never made it into a picture!)
But little did I realize that lots of folks come to Cobourg because of “its appealing location along the lakeshore and abundant opportunities for feel-good fun and play.” Located about an hour east of Toronto, the Cobourg area was settled in 1798 by United Emipre Loylists (you know, the folks that weren’t too happy with how that Revolution played out), and was also enjoyed by wealthy Americans in the late 19th century and early 20th century who built their summer “cottages” there. (For many years there was ferry service between Cobourg and Rochester just across the lake. Today you get to take the long way around the lake.)
There is a lovely downtown –
filled with parks and restaurants and shops. On Saturdays there is a Farmers’ Market that is outstanding!
Farmers Market flowers
Cobourg's Farmers' Market
Cobourg's Farmers' Market
And while there is a beautiful sandy beach right in the downtown area, we enjoyed stops at some of the less-traveled beaches –
But while the downtown was lovely, and Lake Ontario stunning, we also enjoyed the beautiful countryside just outside of town.
So, while we will always go there (with great delight) because of family, YOU might want to go there just because it’s a beautiful place to be! (Of course, you’re welcome to stop by and say Hi to Jo, too! She’d love to meet you!)

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  1. I’ll bet you were just dying to do some lovely crochet around those fabulous beach stones. Too bad you weren’t on your way here. ūüėÄ

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