And catching our breath

We’ve put almost 6200 miles on Lizzie since we left California at the end of June. And they have been wonderful, fun, family and friend-filled miles. We’ve giggled with grandbabies, spent time with most of our kids, chilled out in our “hometown” for a week or so, and were refreshed at our cabin in Vermont. I’ve had time with my sisters and brother, cousins and uncles, nieces and nephews, new friends and old. We’ve been parked in front of houses, in driveways, in Walmart, Cabelas and church parking lots, and we’ve even managed to spend a couple of nights in campgrounds (but only 5 mind you!). It’s been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful three months.
And I am, in a way, exhausted! Right now, for the first time in those three months, we are in a campground alone. Just us. Trying to remember just what “normal” looks like for us. Catching up with our expense reports (ouch! This moving about the country is expensive!) and catching up with each other. And catching our breath.
We still have a little bit of travel ahead (including some time with daughter Lara :)), but with mornings like this

Millwood Lake Camping

I know that “normal” is on its way. **Sigh**

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