Parrott Avenue Zoo

Our daughter Lara has a big heart. A very big heart. And she also has a dog. A very big dog.
Meet Nali –
Nali (short for Denali in honor of her trip to Alaska last summer) is a Great Pyrenees and she is one big gentle giant.
Lara also has two big fluffy cats -Clementine, who has the loudest purr engine I have ever heard and is definitely the “queen cat” of the house-
and Bear – who is quite the classic cat, with a “you’ll see me if I want you to see me” attitude –
Also sharing the house are Angel and Emery, who belong to one of her housemates-
Emery and Angel
and Evie, who belongs to the other housemate.
All in all, quite the assortment of critters for one house.
But remember that big heart I mentioned earlier?
Lara also takes in Foster Puppies from the local animal shelter –
Meet Stretch – who is quite the combination of short basset legs and giant feet, a cute beagle face, and the fetching speed of a labrador retriever. All he really wants to do is play and be with you – and I’m happy to report that Stretch has found a forever home with Lara’s next door neighbors!
And Squirt – full of energy and waiting for a good home. Where Stretch is a fetcher, Squirt’s game is tug-of-war.
And then this fellow arrived for the weekend –
Hans? Scotty? He hasn’t gotten an official name yet since we think he’s only staying for the weekend.
There’s always lots of puppy activity going on –
Squirt and Nali
Big Heart – Big (Fenced)Yard – Big Fun!
The Parrott Avenue Zoo

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