Where, oh where, did October go?

Wow, we really had a busy October. During the week we were at the SOWER office in Lindale where Gary was replacing the central A/C system and I was busy with some post-Board meeting document review. It wasn’t all work – since the SOWER office is located on the edge of a small community where lots of our SOWER friends have settled, we did manage to get in a couple of runs to the Texas Stop Sign (Dairy Queen) and a couple nights of cards. It was great to see the SOWER office in action, and also great to hang out with some of our wonderful SOWER friends.
Bass Lake
Toward the end of each week we would head to Waco and the Parrott Avenue Zoo. Along with playing with all the critters (and of course visiting with daughter Lara), we also got a fair bit of work done. I’ve already mentioned the fence, but our main inside project was the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom had great vintage tile and cool embossed wallpaper, but the paper was peeling off the walls, the lighting was icky and ceiling was purple. Yes, purple.
Bath Before-1
Bath Before-2
Bath Before-3
After we got the wallpaper off and the walls washed down, the next big job was getting the ceiling white!
Bath During-2
Yeah, that took a couple of coats.
But then the wall color wasn’t a one coat job either –
Bath During-1
It took the entire month before it really came together, and it still needs the finishing touches (I think she is looking for some great black and white prints for the walls), but I love it! And I know Lara’s delighted to finally keep her toothbrush in the bathroom again!
Bath Done-1
Bath Done-2
Bath Done-3
Pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Lara was gone one weekend so that weekend we worked on a surprise raised garden for her (at the prompting of her housemates).
Lara's Garden-1
Lara's Garden-2
Lara's Garden-3
(look, he let me use his hammer!)
After we got the beds made, it was on to the fence (you know, to keep the zoo out!). After about 20 minutes with a post hole digger, we located the closest rental center and got ourselves a REAL post hole digger.
Lara's Garden-4
Let me tell you, it was the best $60.00 we’ve ever spent!
Lara's Garden-5
And even with the REAL tool, it still took two of us to get through some of that good old Texas dirt/clay/sand/roots……
Hugh (one of the housemates) got home in time to help wrap up the fence,
Lara's Garden-6
and by the end of the day, it was pretty well finished.
Lara's Garden-7
By the time Lara got home on Sunday, the gardens were full of dirt and their first crop (broccoli, kale and lettuce) was planted. She was delighted!
Don’t think we worked all the time, though! Along with getting totally addicted to HGTV and all of the “Sell the House” and “Property Virgins” type shows, we also set records for the number of trips to LOWES in a day, sampled some great local food joints, and took in the Baylor Homecoming Parade.
Baylor Parade-1
Baylor Parade-2
That’s Judge Ken Starr, the new president of Baylor followed by one giant bear –
Baylor Parade-3
This parade had some pretty elaborate floats
Baylor Parade-4
Baylor Parade-7
and then some not quite as elaborate floats –
Baylor Parade-9
A little rain to make it interesting
Baylor Parade-5
A little wind to keep you on your toes
Baylor Parade-8
and we personally had one very large white dog that was like having a “Can we pet her?” magnet at our feet!
Baylor Parade-6
Lara will never be at a loss for folks to talk to as long as she has Nali out for a walk!

But it was truly a great month. We worked hard and we played hard. We got to spend time with friends and we got to spend time with family. I’m not sure it really gets any better than that!

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  1. Oh – I had already forgotten how icky the bathroom looked before. 🙂

    Thanks for all the help – love you guys! See you again soon. 🙂

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