Back in the ‘hood

We’ve been a lot of places in the last 6 years. Our usual “staying still” length of time is 3-4 weeks. But of the 75 months we’ve been “on the road”, 14 of them have been in Bonifay, Florida. (And in case you haven’t a clue just where Bonifay is (most folks don’t), locate Panama City and go north until you almost reach Alabama. There’s Bonifay!) So it’s no wonder that as we approached Bonifay, there was a certain feeling of coming home. Since our arrival on Thursday, we’ve been having a grand time looking up old friends, checking out old favorites haunts and even worshipping in one of the few churches that we’ve gone to more than three weeks in a row! I confess it was wonderful to walk into that dear little church in Esto, FL and have someone greet us by name and welcome us back!
And there is lots to do in the area this time of year.
This past Friday we went to the Holmes County Fair – not the biggest county fair by any stretch, but it had its fair share of carnival rides
Homes County Fair-1
And carnival games
Homes County Fair-2
A selection of livestock – including what might be a record breaking Holstein steer-
Homes County Fair-4
You can’t really tell from this picture, but this guy weighs almost 3700 pounds. He was HUGE!
Homes County Fair-3
The sign said this was some kind of chicken – but I think it was just a fluffy pile of feathers. Chicken? Show me the egg!
We even managed to catch a little bit of the lamb competition – junior department!
Homes County Fair-5
We stayed far, far away from the funnel cake and fried oreo booth. Honest.

It was good to stop in at Mom’s
Mom's Kitchen
where the slipper peas and black-eyed peas are right up with the fries and coleslaw on the “sides” list, and you can get a chicken dinner with stuffing, potatoes, gravy and a veggie for $5.99.
But our real treat for the weekend was the community fish fry hosted by our friends at the Esto Church Sunday evening –
Fish Fry
Oh yeah, we’re back in the south now!

And the week ahead is looking pretty exciting too – there’s the NATIONAL Peanut Festival up in Dothan all week and into the weekend! Whoohooo! Guess that’s on our list of fun things to do!
But before then, we have this to look forward to –
Chicken Purleu
I’m not all that sure exactly what Chicken Purleu is, but I understand it involves chicken, rice and a big black pot. I’ll keep you posted on that one! (gotta love the “all U can eat part! I hope.)

More on our November project at Bethlehem Camp in Bonifay later – just thought I’d better check in so you’d know we had landed safely!

4 thoughts on “Back in the ‘hood”

  1. Hi, I googled chicken purleu and you came up as a site to check out. You were even there twice. Didn’t really figure out what chicken purleu is but let us know.
    Bob is retiring the end of this year. Don’t know what we’ll do exactly but may try out Sowers sometime after we get all the “honey do list” done!!

  2. Glad you’re settled for a while in a place that almost feels like home. I sent a card to your current location so be on the lookout. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

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