Chicken Purleu

Chicken Purleu 2010-1

Here’s the scoop on the Chicken Purleu-
It all starts with a line of big black pots cooking over open fires.
Chicken Purleu 2010-4
First they add the secret –as in “I could tell you what’s in this, but I’d have to kill you” secret – ingredient – the seasoned broth.
Chicken Purleu 2010-5
Then they add the already cooked and pulled chicken and bring the whole pot to a boil.
Chicken Purleu 2010-2
It takes careful watching while they wait for The Boil (about 16-18 minutes, I was told). These guys were responsible for two pots, and they were taking it pretty seriously!
Chicken Purleu 2010-6
After The Boil they add the rice, and then watch and stir until the rice is cooked.
Chicken Purleu 2010-3
Once it’s just the right consistency, two strapping young dudes carry it over to the serving line.
Chicken Purleu
And another batch is started up!
Chicken Purleu 2010-9
By the time I joined the gang over in the dining tent, my plate of steaming Chicken Purleu, with a side of coleslaw and saltines (yes, saltines), was waiting for me.
Chicken Purleu 2010-7_edited-1
It was quite delicious (if you like rice and chicken), but I confess the plate could have used a bit of color. Maybe a colored fork?
This was quite the community affair! We were with friends who were born and raised in Bonifay and it seemed as though they knew everyone! As an added bonus (for me anyway), their kids and grandkids were there too, so I got to get a little “gramma fix”-
Chicken Purleu 2010-8
By the time we left, things were beginning to wind down. But still there were a couple of pots bubbling away, getting ready for the late crowd!
Chicken Purleu 2010-10
I think the sign says it all. EAT HERE.
Chicken Purleu 2010-1
And it seemed that most of the local community did.

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  1. I was happy to find this – my family lives in Bonifay, FL and this is a big even every year. Sadly, I am not usually in town when it occurs but hopefully one day I will make it – my mom goes every year!

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