It was curtains for me!

As a “sewing SOWER” I have often been asked to make curtains. Sometime the host gives me a credit card and tells me to go to the store and get something really nice. Cost is no object.
OK, so that NEVER happens! Occasionally we do get to go to the store (usually a Wal-Mart) and shop like you and I shop – trying to get the nicest fabric we can for the least amount of money.
Sometimes they say, “We got this bolt of fabric on sale. Do you think you could make it into curtains?” Or sometimes it’s, “We just found this box of curtains. Do you think you could make them into curtains that fit the windows in the cabins?”
This time it was – “We’ve been given a couple of boxes of fabric. Do you think you could make curtains for our dormitories from it?”
Well, let’s see what we’ve got!
Turns out the fabric was from a local (closed) bedding factory, and it consisted of pieces measuring 108” x 96”, with one finished edge. And I mean lots of pieces!
In their previous lifetime I think they were going to be king-size bedspreads, but my job was to make them into 26 pairs of curtains for Palmer Hall.
Better get to work!
There was lots of ironing,
measuring and cutting,
(Never underestimate the value of notes when you’re doing production line cutting/sewing!)
And after three days it was all cut, pressed, and ready to sew…..
And sew I did!
I found I could crank out a pair of curtains in about an hour, so my goal was 4 pair per morning. That would leave me with time to get them hung with a little wiggle room for the inevitable “man, I didn’t count THAT window!”
(Yeah, that happened.)
But when all was said and done, what had looked like this –
curtains before
Now looks like this –
OK, so it’s not Martha Stewart, but I think it’s a start. It might not keep the morning sun out too well, but at least the boys won’t be peeking in at the girls (or vice versa!).:)
Since we are here on this SOWER project by ourselves, my best friend while making these curtains was this –
Thank you Chris, Bebo, Andrew, Tim and all the rest for keeping me company and not minding as I sang along!
Gary’s jobs here at Bethlehem Family Camp have been a little more diversified. 🙂 He’s cleaned and serviced A/C units,
Cleaning ac
did a fair bit of work in the bathrooms , including boxing in sewer pipes and making partition walls for the showers –
And installing handrails in all the toilet stalls on campus (about 24) but the photojournalist failed to take pictures of those!
He also built a fire door/wall in one of the dorm’s stairwells –
It needs a little bit of work before it actually IS a firewall, but it’s a pretty good start for a guy working alone.
And when he ran out of hammer and nail (or should I say saw and screw) stuff to do, he picked up a paint brush and got to work on the Tabernacle –
He was one productive boy this month!
We’ve worked extra days this month since we wanted to get an early start on our December Project. In fact, we’re already in Waco, TX (leaving Lizzie there in Bonifay) where we’ll be helping DD Lara with her kitchen remodel. We plan to be here through Christmas, so it was pretty interesting trying to figure out how to pack for our extended stay. We got it all in the truck – now we just have to make sure we remember to get it all back.

Even the dashboard plant came along for the holidays!
Dashboard Plant Waco

And Gary has already started making a mess in the kitchen!
Kitchen Floor

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