Life in Waco

continues to revolve around the Kitchen Remodel.
Floor progress-1
However, we have found a few opportunities to check out spots in Waco that didn’t involve the word “Lowes” or “kitchen”. 🙂
The day before the official demolition began we were joined by friends Jo and Roy as we checked out the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.
Texas Ranger 1
It was a great little museum that was filled with not only the history and art of the Texas Rangers,
Texas Ranger 2
Texas Ranger
but also how the Rangers have been treated by Hollywood! We put together our own little troupe of Texas Ranger wannabes with our very own bad guy!
Texas Ranger Fun
Check it out if you’re ever in Waco. It’s definitely a fun POI (point of interest).

We shared a lovely Thanksgiving Day with housemate Katie and her parents at their friends Steve and Jenna (and adorable son 3 year old son Henry). Jenna went over the top with spectacular food, the fellowship was sweet, and we were all reminded of how very much we have to be thankful for. It was a great day.

And while Gary did get to Home Depot at 5AM on Black Friday (while the rest of us slept in!) to pick up a shop vac, the rest of us stayed far away from the shopping mayhem. Instead we all (including buddies Jo and Roy) went to the Homestead Heritage Fair.
Heritage Homestead Fair-2
Heritage Homestead Fair-1
It was full of beautiful handcrafts, lots of demonstrations and opportunites to make items, wonderful homemade food, and great music!
We really enjoyed the baby chick/duckling barn –
Heritage Homestead Fair-4
Heritage Homestead Fair-5
and naturally I couldn’t stay away from the quilts!
Heritage Homestead Fair-3
It was really a fun (and yummy) day!

But of course, most of our focus has been on the kitchen (or lack of at this point!).
We did get all the floor cleaned out so it was all ready for the new floor joists –
Really Empty
Gary picked up the floor joists (now that was a fun ride through town)-
New Floor
and the re-construct began –
Floor progress-7
Kitchen Re-do-4
Once the floor joists were in, it was time to run the new plumbing.
And then there’s the rest of the water lines, the drain lines, the gas line and the electric. And THEN he can put down the floor for “real”. He has a busy week ahead of him!
Meanwhile, the design team (that would be Lara, Katie, and I) has been busy trying to figure out wall colors, floor options, countertop choices and backsplash possibilities. Any and all suggestions are welcome, as we are pretty much brain-dead in these departments.

Kitchen Re-do-6
I think Nali has the right idea!

PS – if you’d like to see some additional pictures of our progress without having to see ALL of them, here’s a link that should take you to closer to the end of the set!

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