Pieces of the puzzle

Well, we’re getting there.
We’ve been busy collecting all the pieces of the puzzle –
The cabinets have arrived –
Cabinet arrival-4
and the stove and dishwasher have been delivered –
DW and stove
The new water heater is ready to be installed –
water heater
and after much deliberation, Lara decided to go with wood flooring instead of tile –
so that’s getting acclimated to its new environment (as all new wood flooring should 🙂 ).
Today, the new refrigerator arrived –
and after just squeaking through the front door, has joined the other appliances in the dining room.
And everything is waiting for a missing piece of the puzzle.
Because even though the floor has gone from this
Kitchen During-48
to this
Really Empty
to this
(isn’t it purty?)
to this,
for lack of two pieces of duct work,
missing ductwork
all work on the kitchen has essentially slowed to a crawl. The truth of the matter is, it’s really hard to install a kitchen when there isn’t a floor.
But Gary’s been pretty productive even though his main task has reached a speed bump.
He installed the old stove in the screened in porch and took two of the old cabinet bases and made them into a rolling work station.
summer kitchen
Viola! A summer kitchen! (or a pretty nice temporary kitchen at the moment!).
Then he took the long base cabinet
Kitchen During-32
and cut it down to fit in the shed –
shed cabinets
Isn’t he a clever dude?!?!

So while I think Gary was hoping to have the cabinets at least in place by now, he’s been keeping busy trying to get everything as ready as possible so that when the ductwork arrives (tomorrow, we hope) we (he) can get right back on track.

I, on the other hand, have been busy finishing up some Christmas sewing, documenting all the kitchen work and shopping online for the grandkids! Hey, somebody has to do it!

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