Is that a dishwasher I hear?

Kitchen reno-3
Yes, indeedy it is!
Once the sub-floor was completed, it was on to the cabinets!
And as the cabinets progressed, so did the installation of the stove and the dishwasher.
(That’s Gary really getting into the installation!)
By this afternoon, it ready was for the counter guy to come and measure for the counter tops :).
Kitchen reno-1

And I’m pleased to report that although the installations are only temporary, we ran the dishwasher and used the stove tonight! Such progress!
But we still have a long way to go.
Kitchen reno-2
Aside from that whole other side of the room (which consists of the refrigerator cabinet and microwave cabinet on the left of the door, and then the installation of water heater (hanging on the wall), building the closet around the water heater, and installing the pantry cabinet in front of the closet and chimney), there’s the floor (pre-counter), the backsplash (post-counter), and of course painting (anytime I can do it and not be in Gary’s way). We (the design team of Lara-Katie-Me) are really struggling with paint colors, except to know that the purple will be going and the white trim will be staying. I think my next big project will be to paint the walls (and the purple ceiling) a nice primer white, and then maybe Lara (and the team) will be inspired. No firm decision on the backsplash either. Gah – we need some of the folks from HGTV to stop by!

But I don’t want to get overwhelmed thinking about all there is left to do, when there is rejoicing to be done for all that has been accomplished. Because yes, that was a dishwasher I heard!

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