So, Christmas

Did you have a good Christmas? For the first time in several years, we actually woke up Christmas morning in the home of one of our children. Last year, as I recall, we spent the day in a Walmart parking lot. The year before we were hanging out with SOWER friends while we bided our time waiting for our New Years trip to Columbus (and our official Family Christmas 🙂 ). So this year, though quiet, was still very special. Cinnamon buns, coffee, a couple of presents, family. All the good stuff!
Oh, and let’s not forget the other members of the Waco Family!
Later in the day friends of Lara’s brought us dinner, and we actually managed to clear off the dining room table. And along with dinner, they also brought their precious almost 3 year old, Henry.
While it wasn’t quite the same as having my own grandchildren clustered around, it did my heart good. (And in the spirit of this new technology age – we’re totally engrossed in an iPad.)

It was a quiet year also in the Christmas Craft department. I was still determined to “use what I had” in the fabric department, so I decided to see if I could make my sisters each a nap size quilt made from my stash.
Leftover Quilt
leftover quilt-1
Except for the fleece backing, I was able to make them both from leftovers. It’s a good thing I have sisters that are willing to help out with reducing the fabric weight in Lizzie!
And while I was pretty focused on getting the grandkids practical things for Christmas (like winter boots and gift cards for diapers), before we left for Waco, I came across some leftover squares from a quilt I made for Hayley several years ago that I thought might work for some cute little girl purses.
And they did!
purses back
I’ve been told they were quite a hit!

OK, the natives are getting restless here so I guess I’d better join the “party” in the kitchen!
More up-dates on that front soon!

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