Can it be? Is it true? Is it completed?

Well, not totally.
We’re still waiting for a couple of floor vents, and there’s a little bit of painting left for Lara to take care of, but we’re hitting the road TOMORROW (Tuesday), so let’s just say it’s finished. Thank you for coming along for this seven week journey of kitchen remodeling. And now for the Big Reveal………
(And let’s just say, before we begin, that we all really did like the original kitchen. It had lots of character and charm, and Lara really wanted to keep the charm while updating it – and of course, installing the long-desired dishwasher! )
Kitchen Before-1
Kitchen After-4
Kitchen Before-2
Kitchen During-50
Kitchen After-3

Kitchen Before-3
Kitchen During-11
Kitchen After-6-1
Kitchen Before-4
Kitchen reno-2
Kitchen After-7
(Man, we love that corner!!!!)
Kitchen Before-5
Floor progress-7
Kitchen After-9

OK – I think that about covers it. Well, there are a couple of other really special things we love about the finished project (aside from the fact it’s actually (almost) finished!).
Like the spice drawer/rack….
Kitchen After-4-1
love it!!!!
The floor…..
Kitchen After-7-1
And the backsplash and the counters….
Kitchen After-8-1
And the fact that the big tall pantry door that was hitting the trim, now can open all the way!
Kitchen After-2-1
Kitchen After-3-1
And then there’s that tall bookcase. The “designer” at Lowes wasn’t really sure how that would look, but we all think it’s great!
Kitchen After-6
I’m sure it will end up collecting lots of odds and ends, but I think it adds a lot of interest (and charm!) to the kitchen.

Of course, the other wonderful benefit of this kitchen renovation, was being able to spend 7 weeks with our daughter and be just a little part of her life for just a little while.
But it’s time for us to hit the road, and for Lara’s life to get back to normal. It’s so wonderful to walk through the house and see everything where it’s supposed to be :). By Wednesday we should be back in our own little 300 square feet of house, and by the weekend we should be in the Florida Keys. After these last busy weeks, working a good ol’ SOWER project will seem like a vacation!!!!

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