In the last couple of days

we’ve covered a lot of miles!
We left Waco on Tuesday morning, the 4th, packed to the brim.
Leaving Waco
825 miles and 14 hours later (thank goodness for books on CD!), we were back to Lizzie in Bonifay, FL.
And as sad as we were to have said good-bye to Lara (and Katie and Denali and Evie and Clem and Bear), it was very good to be home. In our own little place, in our own bed. Very good indeed.
We woke in the morning to pouring rain, so our plans to unpack from one long drive to get packed up and on the road for another long drive was delayed until quite late in the day. However, thanks to a break in the weather in the afternoon we were able to get on the road by 3:30.
Heading out
Notice anything wrong with this picture?
The brake lights are on in the rig, but not in the truck. Not good. We decided to get on our way with the flashers going on the truck, but we knew we really couldn’t be driving in the dark.
We only made it to the first rest stop on I10 before we knew we’d better stop. And just in time it seemed. The heavens opened again and the thunder crashed and the lightning bolted (?). We were so happy to be sitting still.
The morning broke with lovely sunshine, and the lights were working a little better (maybe they didn’t like the rain, either?) so we continued on our way.
By the end of the day, we were on the south side of Tampa (again at a nice Florida Rest Stop) enjoying a beautiful sunset.
rest stop sunset

Another 300 miles tomorrow, and we’ll be at our January SOWER project – Island Community Church in Islamorado, Florida. We’re looking forward to getting “back in the saddle” with our SOWER work, and we’re really looking forward to this project. A, we’ve never been to the Keys and are looking forward to the experience (and hopefully the warmer temps!), and B, we’ll be working with a nice mix of folks we know and folks we’ll be getting to know!

I think it will be a great start to 2011!

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  1. I think it is happy! Did Lara tell you we almost forgot it! Yikes! All is good, though right now we’re stuck in traffic. Maybe I should make lunch :).

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