Signs of the Islands

founders park-4
Have I mentioned before how many boats there are down here? I suppose that since a major draw of the Florida Keys is fishing (both commercial and sport) and snorkeling/scuba diving and, well, boating in general, I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, it does consist of over 1700 islands and it does have incredibly beautiful weather that happens most every day in the winter months.
We checked out some boat neighborhoods at a local Marina.
And just like neighborhoods all over the country, there are different “flavors” of neighborhoods –
A little on the upscale side –
founders park-9
And a little on the more down to earth side-
founders park-10
Why, they even brought the four-legged family along!
founders park-11
There are lots of sailboats –
founders park-5v
founders park-6
(I love my zoom!)
and there are even some pink Cadillacs (moored next to pirate ships)!
But boats aren’t the only signs of the islands
There are interesting mailboxes
and hardware stores like nowhere else!
island hardware
Let’s face it, when you’re in the Keys, you just never know what you might run into next!
island sights
Take a deep breath – and think instead on this…..
Ahhhhhhhh………now that’s a sign of the island that we can all relate to!

4 thoughts on “Signs of the Islands”

  1. Super photos. What size is your zoom lens? May as well spill the beans on the rest of the camera setup also. (please).
    We lived in Homestead Florida 1967-68 when the air force base was there. Beautiful place until a hurricane blows through. Enjoy your stay.

  2. I borrowed your last picture for my background pic on my netbook…since it is currently snowing in Conn. and we are predicted to have temps at 0 or below for the next few nights, I need something to hang onto!!

  3. Jan – Happy to help with the warm temps encouragement! I’ve felt almost guilty posting all the sunshine pictures while my kids, etc. are getting buried up north (PA, OH, VT).
    Jerry – I currently have a Canon SX10 (2 years old) – a point and shoot that is an SLR wannabe. It has a 20x zoom – which is most of the time fabulous! Right now though, I keep getting a “lens error – restart camera” error message, so I’m afraid I may be camera shopping soon. I’m debating about going with an SLR – but I may stick with a wannabe just because they are easier to lug around! I also have an older Canon Powershot SD400 that I can throw in my pocket! Thanks for the kind words about my photos!

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