It takes a village

One of the blessings of our SOWER community is the broad base of knowledge and skills that are available. And the willingness to share those things.
When we were together with our SOWER friends earlier this week I asked Rosie for some hints on mending our two slide awnings. They were coming un-sewn from the top and it was either fix or replace. I knew she had fixed theirs, so I was hopeful for some tips. She did better than that!
“You get the awning down – John, help them with that – and I’ll get out my sewing machine and we’ll just do it here in the parking lot.”
And so we did.
Gary Awning
Lake Aurora Reunion-6
Lake Aurora Reunion-8
By the time we were working on the second (larger) awning more help had arrived –
Lake Aurora Reunion-9
(see how it’s coming unsewn in the center?)
And soon we had quite a crew working together
Lake Aurora Reunion-10
Rosie did the repairs in no time flat, and soon the guys were getting it back where it belonged.
Lake Aurora Reunion-12
(We ladies are looking for a dropped washer. Oops!)

We are so blessed to be part of the SOWER “village” – thanks, dear friends, for pitching in and stiching us up!

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