“Take it to the Mattresses”

Does that quote remind you of “The Godfather” movie? Or maybe “You’ve Got Mail”? From this day forward, that quote will always remind me of our SOWER project here at Florida Baptist Encampment.
FBE Bunks
Oh, yeah, we took it to the mattresses. All 400+ of them!
The assignment was simple – clean the 4 dorms (50 beds each), wipe down the mattresses, clean the bathrooms.
What we didn’t realize was that each bed had at least two mattresses, which meant to really wipe them down they had to come off the bunks. (Besides which, having a bunch of Gramma’s climbing up on top bunks to wipe down mattresses isn’t really a great plan.) We set up a couple of work stations outside the dorms and got to work.
(Hey look, that’s me WORKING!)
FBE Dorm
(Just letting them dry before we put them back on the bunks.)
And while some of us were working on mattresses, others were cleaning the bunks.
FBE Women-8
When we finally got the bunks and mattresses done (a MUCH bigger job than originally anticipated) we washed the windows and hung nice freshly laundered curtains. And fortunately for us, when it came to mopping those dorm floors, we got one of the guys (with deck-swabbing experience) to do the job. He did a great job – and has the blisters to prove it!
When all was said and done, everything looked (and smelled) great! Don’t you just love the smell of “clean”?

We got done just in time. This weekend about 150 young girls are here for a weekend retreat.

And that’s called job security for NEXT month’s SOWER ladies!

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