Just Hanging Around

It’s been a long time since we’ve just hung around between SOWER projects. Usually we’re packing up, and moving on during the day or two after the project, and trying to cram as much as possible into our free week. But this month has been different. Our next project is only 90 miles up the road (a very good thing given the current price of diesel fuel!), and we decided to just stay put and catch our breath. And catch-up with some overdue chores.
I must confess, it’s been lovely. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on –
Fixed the steps.
RV Steps
For the last several months (maybe a year?) our RV steps haven’t quite closed all the way. Enough to drive with but not nice and tight like they should. This month Gary ordered some new linkage in an effort to make the repair instead of having to replace the entire mechanism and step assembly. With his head under the front of the rig, he tried several different fixes, but every time I hit the “stairs closed” button, they remained the same. Sticking out about 4 inches. When he tried all his tricks, he came to the conclusion that the motor was shot, and it was back to the drawing board (and most likely Camping World!). One more time under the rig to get it all put back together before we hit the road on Thursday, and he had me hit the “stairs closed” button to make sure all was working (well, at least as well as it was working before!). And there before our eyes, the steps closed all the way. Nice and tight up against the RV, just like they’re supposed to. He has no idea just what the magic trick was, but boy, were we happy to see them fixed.

Finished the “Year Six” book.
tahoe header
I know, I know, we’re half way through Year Seven, but trying to consolidate the over 11,000 pictures I took last year into an annual picture book turned into quite the challenge. I finally got it down to a (record high for me) 50 pages, and that was only after I decided to do a separate book for our Rock Tour 2010. Promise me you won’t run away when I pull it out to share next time we’re together, OK?

Cleaned out a couple of drawers and put together a couple of bags to go to a thrift shop.
Now if I can just keep from shopping at those thrift shops when I drop off the bags! I also went through a couple of cupboards and threw out (among other things) some marshmallows that had a “use by 0407” date. I guess I need more campfires in my life.

Getting the truck fixed.
We’ve been living with a leak in our power steering fluid for a while and Gary determined that it had something to do with the rack and pinion something or other, and since we had some extra days here, now was the time to get it fixed. But it does mean that we’re pretty much stuck at home. Makes just hanging around so much easier!

We started with the wheel covers, but by the end of tomorrow virtually anything that can be washed (throw rugs, towels, sheets, clothes, blankets) will be washed. It’s always good to start the month with clean, fresh “stuff”.

Thinking about doing our taxes.
Ok, so I should be DOING our taxes, but I’m waiting for a couple of final pieces of the puzzle. One of the foibles of only getting your mail once a month. We have a little more time, right?

Starting the Rock Tour 2010 Picture Book
Quick – the Shutterfly 20% off sale ends in a week! I need to save as much as I can (remember the previous item – “Getting the Truck Fixed”?)

There’s been some extra nap-taking, some extra enjoying a book in the sunshine, and lots of enjoying the “no alarm setting”. It’s been a great couple of days, just hanging around.

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