One more thing before we go

Can you spot something unusual in this picture of trees?
Connected tree
Can you see where a branch from the tree on the right has actually reached out and grafted onto the tree on the left.
Here’s a little helper-picture –
Connected tree2
Isn’t that crazy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one tree naturally graft onto another like that before.

We pull out tomorrow morning (Thursday). In fact, the truck is already hooked up and except for actually disconnecting from the power and water and pulling in the slides, we’re just about ready to go. But before we left Florida Baptist Encampment to move to our March project (Camp Good News, north of here near Gainesville) I wanted to share just a bit more about our time here.
What a FUN group! We had a pretty good-sized crowd – 8 couples in all. For two couples, this was their first SOWER project! For others it was their 60th. We were youngish and oldish, from the north and from the south and in our previous lives we were everything from farmers to post masters. And by the end of the project we were all good friends.
We worked hard, played very well together, and were blessed to serve our Lord at this camp.

Camp Good News – Here we come!
Early Morning visitors-3

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