The New View

The New View
Have you ever heard of CEF? Child Evangelism Fellowship? It’s a wonderful international ministry that reaches pre-teen children with the Gospel of Christ on their level in their environment. They have the Good News Clubs (after-school programs) and Backyard Clubs (aka 5 Day Clubs) which take place over the summer in (you guessed it) backyards. CEF also has seven Camp Good News all across the country. One of them is here in Hawthorne, FL, and we are blessed to be able serve here this month. Want to see what’s it all about?
Camp Good News-4
This is the main building/dining hall/activity room –
Camp Good News-2
I believe the murals on the wall were done by SOWER ladies in years past. They represent some of the activities that are available at the camp.
This is our parking area –
Camp Good News-3
Very cozy, don’t you think?
There’s basketball
Camp Good News-5
and campfire pits
Camp Good News-9
bike/hike trails
Camp Good News-10
rock walls
Camp Good News-11
rope swings
Camp Good News-12
tire mazes
Camp Good News-13
and the Good News Gulch. –
Camp Good News-14
Camp Good News-15
Camp Good News-16
Camp Good News-17
Camp Good News-18
There’s a nice “waterfront”, with it’s own water slide!
Camp Good News-19
Camp Good News-21
and a small selection of boats for the campers to use.
Camp Good News-22
There’s lots more to the camp, but this I hope gives you a feel for Camp Good News, here in Florida. The camp is quiet now, just waiting for the first batch of pre-teens to come for spring break day camp. Our jobs this month will mostly focus on helping to wake up the camp from its winter sleep and get it ready for a new batch of youngun’s to come and learn about Jesus.
Should be a great month!

2 thoughts on “The New View”

  1. Oh, I love the pictures of the camp (my husband and I help a camp in New York state). Do you have hookups there, or are you using battery and generator power? We are so anxious to get started in the ministry, the waiting is so difficult! In God’s time, not mine!!

  2. Jan – yes, we have full hook-ups. All of the SOWER projects have full hook-ups, with water, 30 or 50 amp service, and some kind of sewer (most have regular sewer hook-ups, but some have a honey wagon service or other creative sewer arrangement.) We are very blessed! – and you will be too, in due time! Looking forward to meeting you down the road!

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