Going Local

One of the great adventures of our lifestyle is trying out local places to eat. Here in Hawthorne, FL there are 5 choices. A Subway, a Chinese buffet, Diane’s BBQ (used to be a Sonny’s, but now is run by Diane) PJ’s Cafe (closes at 2:30, though they do have a pretty good breakfast with killer fried potatoes!), and The Burger Barn. We tried the BBQ when we first got here, did PJ’s after church last week and heard that the Chinese buffet was mediocre at best. We weren’t really in the mood for a Five Dollar Foot Long, so tonight we tried The Burger Barn.
Burger Barn_edited-1
Burger Barn2_edited-1
This must be one of the last independent drive-thru burger joints in the country! The burgers were hot and tasty and the fries were crispy and fresh. And the price was certainly right. It was definitely a good choice for our out-on-the-town dinner! You might notice that this is a true drive-thru. It is ONLY a drive-thru. No sit down dining here!
The six of us took our burgers “all the way” and fries and drove down the street to the boat ramp/fishing dock/picnic area on a local lake.
Dinner out-1
A lovely alfresco dining experience, all around!
After dinner we walked to the lake.
Dinner out-2
Any ideas on what that might be hanging from that pole?
No really, any ideas? We haven’t a clue, and neither did the guys fishing.
Sure was a pretty evening –
Dinner out-3
Dinner out-5
We saw a beautiful bald eagle (after the camera flashed the dreaded “Change Battery Pack” message and shut down), a couple of red-wing blackbirds, a cormorant or two fishing for dinner
and these guys –
Dinner out-4
common moorhen
The common moorhen. It was pretty cool watching them walk on top of the water lilies!

So here’s the bottom line on trying the local spot – Give it a shot! We’ve been pleased more than we’ve been disappointed over the years, and tonight’s excursion to The Burger Barn was a perfect example!

Oh – special thanks to “sk bob” who took the Burger Barn pictures and posted them over at Roadfood.com. Interestingly, the prices haven’t changed since the picture was taken in June 2010. Now you can’t say that about much these days!

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