A Sunday Hike

Today, after church, we joined one of the other couples here (Bill and Sandy) on another waterfall hike. This hike could be best described as a “local” hike. As in, if someone who lives locally doesn’t actually direct you to this hike you will never find it. Never. We were definitely back in the ‘holler. But it certainly was worth the effort!
Sunday Hike-1
As we made our way through a jungle of rhododendrons I could only think about how gorgeous this hike would be in just a couple of weeks.
But even without the flowers in bloom, this was still a beautiful hike!
Sunday Hike-2
Sunday Hike-3
I think we would have to call this trail “rustic”. There were no park wardens keeping the trees cleared off the this trail, so it added just a little more challenge than we’ve been used to. Not to mention the fact that is was “up” all the way (as is usually the case with hikes to waterfalls 🙂 ).
Sunday Hike-4
This is Sandy – when the trail pretty much disintegrated into climbing up the mountain without any trail, just following the creek, she decided to wait where the trail ended. See the knee brace – it was really a good idea!
Sunday Hike-5
The three of us continued on, but even we didn’t make it all the way to the top!
Sunday Hike-6Sunday Hike-8
Yeah, it was pretty far up there, and after all we aren’t exactly spring chickens!Sunday Hike-7
On the way back down, Gary pointed out a wildflower I had missed on the way up –
Sunday Hike-9
I think it’s called a trout lily, but if you have another suggestion, speak up!
What a beautiful hike!

Tomorrow it’s back to work at the camp. I’ll be posting more about that in the days to come, but let’s just say, that for ladies anyway, it’s been a rubber glove kind of project!
LWC 4.4.11
All good.

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