These are a few of my favorite things

about our project here at Living Water Ministry (aka Camp Living Water).
The Front Yard
soccer view
While sometimes this is just a quiet field, twice a week (at least) it fills up with local soccer players of all ages. Since we will rarely be able to enjoy watching our own grandchildren on the field (though we did spend a Saturday or two at the township field watching our own kids play), it’s been fun to watch the action from the comfort of our front picture window. Everyone from the little ones playing bumble bee strategies (swarm left, swarm right) to the older players really working on their skills seemed to be having a good time.
Here’s the view of the front yard on a quieter day!
The Backyard
OK, so this is actually on our side yard, but really, does it matter?! What a blessing to have Deep Creek flowing right through the camp. I understand that when it warms up a bit, this is a HUGE tubing and rafting creek. Maybe next time we’ll be here for that!
The Walk to Work
LWC 4.4.11
Even in the wet grass, it was always spectacular!
Living Waters-4
Living Waters-3
Wait. Painting is one of Steph’s favorite things? Well, I was reminded of some valuable lessons this month. First of all, in the life of a SOWER there will always be painting to be done. But at the same time, most of the painting is camp painting. Which means that by and large, everything is painted the same color. Ceiling, walls, trim, almost everything. So while there is some cutting in just because that wonderful roller can’t get into corners, there is little of the tedious don’t get the green paint on the white ceiling cutting in. It really changes the whole ballgame! Plus, as an added bonus, when there is a lot of painting to be done, you never have to think hard about what to wear in the morning. Painting today? Paint clothes it is. Simple. Love it.
I came across this butterfly party the other day-
That must be some yummy mud!
Living Waters-25
As usual, it didn’t take long for our group of 4 couples to become like family.
2011 04 06
We worked and played well together :), and just in case you think we’re just a bunch of old folks that just sit around in our spare time, check out Bill as he makes his way up the climbing tower!
Bill climbing-1
Bill climbing-2
Bill climbing-3
Bill climbing-4
Living Water Group
Here’s the bunch of us spring chickens! (That’s Bill next to me! Whadda guy!)
Watching Spring
The view when we arrived –
LWC 4.4.11
The view yesterday –
The green is creeping up the mountain – and it’s beautiful to see!

So those are just a few of my favorite things about this place. I’ve already posted about the beautiful waterfalls and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the wildflowers and the great hikes, so I won’t bother adding them to the list. But have I mentioned Oreo?
hobo party-2
We love sharing camp dogs!

Tomorrow we pack up and head out. And as always, it seems like we just got here. We’re heading north – our next project will be in Egg Harbor, NJ at The Pilgrim Academy. In the week between projects we’re fitting in a visit with some dear SOWER friends, time with our son and bride, a visit with my sister and family along with assorted nieces and nephews, and a couple of doctor appointments (and all the fun stuff that goes with an annual check-up!). Should be a busy week! It’s always hard to say good-bye to our new friends, but we’re looking forward to what our next project will bring. As bonus we’ll be pretty close to the old ‘hood, so that should have it’s own brand of excitement!

Off to bed – one more day of those paint clothes!

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