74 to I 40 to I 26 to I 81

Gary was ready to go today. And when Gary is ready to go, we go. I got back from a sweaty morning cleaning the guest house around noon, looking forward to a nice hot shower and lunch before we hit the road. Gary was already in the driver’s seat, the slides were in, we were totally unhooked, and he was ready to go. Nice hot shower reduced to sponge bath. Lunch to be eaten on the road. Gary was ready to go, and go we did.
Leaving Camp Living Water
Road to MD-1
Lots of mountains on today’s drive.
Road to MD-2
Road to MD-3
Ah, the truck runaway ramp.
Road to MD-4
I love roads with those.
Road to MD-5
This is where we stopped for Diesel. $225.00 Gulp.
Road to MD-6
But you’ve gotta love the truck in the background –
Road to MD-7
No WWJD bracelet for that guy!

While the Carolina’s were flush with dogwood, the redbud soon took over as the dominate sign of spring when we reached Virginia –
Road to MD-8
Road to MD-9
So pretty.
We had a good day on the road. 295 Miles. I hardly gripped the seat cushion at all as we barreled down hill after hill, and I never gasped even ONCE as cars inevitably needed to merge just as we were driving by. Not even once, honest. We are tucked in safely at a Wal-Mart in Salem, VA and only have about 200 miles to go tomorrow. We are surely looking forward to a visit with some dear SOWER friends at the end of tomorrow’s drive.

Now if that cup of coffee we split back at the Flying J would just wear off………

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