Quality Time

You know the saying, it’s not the quantity of time you spend with someone, but the quality of time that matters? That may not always be true, but for the last couple of days, that was certainly the case with us. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend with anyone, but we managed lots of hugs and conversations, successful annual check-ups, and just plain quality time with folks that we love. Truly, a beautiful couple of days! Unfortunately, I hardly had the camera out the entire time, so all I have to share is pictures of our drive. Wanna see a couple?
getting to PA-2
We’ve had a lot of rain lately, how about you? But even with the rain, spring managed to make itself known!

getting to PA-3
Cloudy or not, that’s one pretty farm!

And how’s this for some beautiful Pennsylvania countryside!
PA Road

After our wonderful time with family, it was back to work for us. Well, we aren’t quite back to work just yet, but we are certainly on our way. Our May project is at Pilgrim Academy in Egg Harbor, NJ. And getting to New Jersey meant crossing the mighty Delaware River.
Into NJ-1
And that meant major civilization –
Into NJ-2
Into NJ-4
Into NJ-5
Yeah, we’re in New Jersey now!
Into NJ-6
But it’s not all big roads and traffic.
Into NJ-7
May should be a good month. We’re close enough to the old neighborhood that we should be able to get together with friends and take care of some hometown-type business (like getting my hair cut by my (used-to-be) regular hairdresser! :)) To start the month off right, Friday we’re taking a tourist day and going to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We’re really looking forward to that!
(And yes, I know that it’s not actually May yet, but in our SOWER life, the “next” month begins when we arrive at our project. It’s just the way it is.)
Tonight we’re tucked in at the Wal-Mart in Hammonton. Tomorrow it’s Egg Harbor for us! New friends, new ministry, new blessings!
We’re ready!

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