First day at the New Job

In our “previous lifetime” (before we took off in our RV) Gary and I had very few “first days” on the job. I can remember two since I’ve been married. And Gary – well, if you count the job he had pumping gas while he was in college, I guess he’s had three. However, since we’ve been SOWERs, I think we’ve had about 56. And let me tell you, each one has been different! Different locations (we’re in Egg Harbor, NJ), different bosses (Ken and Mary are giving us directions), and different co-workers (we are blessed to have one of our hardworking single SOWERs working with us this month – Niki). We’re working at a school this month, The Pilgrim Academy, which is about the same size as the one our kids attended back in Pennsylvania. It almost feels like coming home. After joining the faculty for devotions, we began our work day.
Gary and Niki were put to work painting the exterior of the building.
TPA May 2011-2
TPA May 2011-5
I would have been happy to join them, but they had other chores in mind for me.
For the first time in many, many years, I sat in front of this –
TPA May 2011-1
(it’s a typewriter, for those of you younguns’!).
They had lots of certificates to fill in, so it was a fun filled morning as I got to practice some good old fashioned typing. (It makes you (me) really appreciate the beauty of a word processor!).
But the first day was great! We finished off our afternoon with a varsity baseball game (TPA won – 9-0, I think).
TPA May 2011-6
Pretty nice for a side yard, eh?
Here are our two houses, tucked in behind a modular, with easy access to the school.
And this is the courtyard where Niki and Gary are painting.
TPA May 2011-4
Did I mention that the coffee machine is right next to my typewriter?
I think this month holds real promise! 🙂

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