Some points about the weekend

1. Reunion!!!!
Close to 40 years ago, I approached the couple on the left (parents of my high school best friend, Gail, in the middle) about orchestrating my wedding reception. I was a very young 19, and had no idea what was involved. They took on the job joyfully (at least that’s what they told me on Friday!), and the event (in my parents’ backyard) was lovely. As we started our lives together, Gary went to work at Jack’s gas station while he was going to school. The job eventually ended (Gary went to work for his father’s A/C company and I guess we know how that turned out!), Gail got married and our lives slowly drifted apart. I reconnected with Gail last summer and was delighted to learn that her folks were well and living in New Jersey. And here we are – in New Jersey! And only about 1/2 hour from their place! Since Gail was down for a visit we were all able to get together. What a sweet afternoon/evening we had as we reminisced about the “good old days” and tried to catch up on 35 years of stories! Such fun! Such a blessing!
2. House Maintenance
While we don’t have a lawn to mow or gutters to clean out, we do have a a few maintenance chores that need to be accomplished on a regular basis. One of them is changing the fluids and filters. You know – the oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze. Air filter, air drier filter, oil filter, hydraulic filter, fuel filters, antifreez filters. Gary worked on the oil and transmission fluid this weekend. Here’s the bad news – our rig uses 5 GALLONS of motor oil ($75), 5 GALLONS of diesel transmission fluid ($200) and the filters run about $400 per change out. But there is some good news – we only have to do the oil change and fuel filters once a year, the other filters every other year and the transmission fluid every four years. So although this year was the perfect storm of fluid/filters maintenance tasks, it helps to keep it in perspective. No lawn to mow. No gutters to clean.
He finished up the transmission maintenance tonight by pouring the five gallons of transmission fluid into the transmission. And I am happy to report that there is NOT a $200 pink puddle under the rig!
You never know what needs to happen underneath your bed!
Next up – 15 gallons of antifreeze!
3. We got a smart phone.
Actually, I should say that I got a smart phone since Gary informed me that he won’t be using it AT ALL. The learning curve on this baby is a little steep for us oldsters, but I’m hoping that all of its “smartness” will be a help as we travel.
Progress – I figured out how to change the wallpaper! 🙂
That’s a good sign, right?

Have a good week, all!

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  1. It is always good to catch up on friends and family. Looks like you had a banner weekend. Good catch on the smart phone. I recommend getting the Gas Buddy ap for your phone. The cool part about that ap is that when you are in need of fuel, you can simply ask it to show you gas stations that are near your location. I have my profile set to show me the stations selling diesel, For most locations, the ap will also show you the price/gallon.
    Welcome to techie world.

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