An evening stroll

We’ve had a string of perfectly lovely days this week. And that means we’ve had no excuse NOT to take a good walk after dinner. We’ve discovered (thanks to a tip from our co-worker Niki) a great little loop that takes about a half hour. Perfect. And tonight I brought along my new phone (which has a pretty sweet 8.0 mega pixel camera :)).
We started out through the back of the ball fields, past a neighbors’ house and down a long lane to a side road.
Pilgrim Walk-2
That’s Gary walking ahead (of course) because I was enjoying the expanse to our right –
Pilgrim Walk-1
I stopped again to check out the “macro” setting on some lovely wisteria – I know it’s there, but I couldn’t find it. However, I gave it a shot anyway –
Pilgrim Walk-3
Needs a little work.
Soon we were on our way back to the school along the main (well, main for us anyway) road –
Pilgrim Walk-5
Pilgrim Walk-4
We decided to go a little further down the road to do a little geocaching – and try out another feature on that new phone!
Pilgrim Walk-6
Sadly, between our rusty geocaching skills and trying to figure out the phone, we came up empty. Well, Gary did get some pretty good scratches from the pricker bushes!
Still, it was good walk. A beautiful evening, some quality time with my honey (and he even waited for me to catch up after my “camera pauses”) and just a little adventure. I hope you’ve also been enjoying some beautiful weather where ever you are!
Go take a walk!

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