If it’s pretty quiet here for the next week or so…..

It’s because it’s Girl’s Week at the Cabin.
SJE Easter 1954
There will be giggling and laughing and crying and praying. There will be cleaning and dusting and maybe even a little painting. We’ll go see our Aunt Berta, and she’ll cry and tell us how much we remind her of her sister, and we’ll cry as we hug her and tell her how much she reminds us of our mom. We’ll take naps and stay in our jammies until late in the morning when we can’t put off cleaning that refrigerator any longer. We’ll drink coffee by the fire and then watch the early morning fog rise off the pond. We’ll read a couple of books, play lots of speed scrabble, and maybe even stay up late working on a jig-saw puzzle. But through it all, we’ll be thanking God for the precious gift that is our sisterhood.
And yes, Elna, I promise we’ll go out for ice cream every now and again!

5 thoughts on “If it’s pretty quiet here for the next week or so…..”

  1. I’m the chubby blonde on the end! Even as adults, we remained the same -Elna tallest, Joie in the middle, and me the shortest. And even our hair colors stayed the same stair step – dark to light. Though at this stage of the game, we’re all pretty equal with the gray! Sure do love those ladies!

  2. love your sepia tone cabin picture header and the pix of you girls. Have fun.

  3. I love my sister’s weekend every summer. I am so glad sister Nancy organized the first and that we all learned the special gift of having a sister.

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