I’ve known some exceptional Dads in my day. Not perfect by any means, but exceptional nonetheless.
There was my Dad –
He taught me to work hard, laugh often, and cook with garlic. He was a good man, and I miss him.
Then there is the father of my children –
He taught our children the value of doing your best, how to play a mean game of Pong and PacMan, and the joys of riding a go-cart in the back yard. His motto to our boys has always been – “I’ve tried to do a better job as a father than my Dad, and I expect you to do a better job than I’ve done with you.” I love this man.
Of course, there’s our son, Toby –
Toby and the Girls
He became a dad over eight years ago (and has added a son since this picture of him with his three girls), and has been a great Dad. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but he loves those kidlins more than life itself. And I know he takes his turn with the diapers and middle of the night chores too! It’s been a joy to watch him grow into fatherhood with each new baby and with each new stage of their lives.
And then there’s the young one – Josiah –
This is his first Fathers’ Day. Well, I guess technicnally it’s a pre-Fathers’ Day this year, but since I know how much he loves his bride, I know how much he already loves that little boy he has yet to meet.
Little Baby C, you’re getting a great Dad!!!

Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone!

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  1. such a sweet post!!! I’m thankful for my husband’s Godly example; I know he’s going to be a fantastic Dad!

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