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Baptist Park-7
Well, it’s been quite a month here at Baptist Park Camp outside of Presque Isle, Maine. I’ve shared a bit about things we’ve done in our “down” time here, but I thought you might like to learn just a little about the camp itself and what we’ve been doing during the week.
I’ve said before that every SOWER project has it’s own “flavor” and this little camp is no exception. The staff has welcomed us in as family, we’ve been working with John and Rosie (our Alaskan Adventure buddies that we haven’t worked with since AK), the SOWER jobs have been interesting and varied, and the camp has been in full swing! Nothing like a variety of young folks coming and going to make for very fun month!

Here are some shots from around the camp –
Our Campground –
Baptist Park-20
See that brown building?
Baptist Park-10
That’s the dining hall! We were able to visit there three times a day, 5+ days a week!! Huge blessing to our budget (not so great for the diet! My goodness, did they have great food!)
Going down the road to left of the dining hall you come to the pool.
Baptist Park-23
What? An indoor pool? Although it seemed somewhat extravagant at first, it really makes a lot of sense in an area that has a pretty short outdoor swimming season and plenty of campers who really, really, really want to go swimming – rain or shine, cool or hot!
Baptist Park-32
Then there’s the zipline –
Baptist Park-22
and on the other side of our camping area is the Frog Pond –
Baptist Park-16
Baptist Park-19
You wanted that frog close-up, didn’t you?
Here’s a more typical pond shot from me –
Baptist Park-17
🙂 Gotta get those flowers in there!
Other heavily used buildings are the Tabernacle –
Baptist Park-3
and the Craft Shack.
Baptist Park-9
But what, you may be asking, did you do for the SOWER projects?
The project started off with putting in a garage door where there had previously been only an entrance door and a window.
Baptist Park-4
Then they did the electric so the building (previously just storage) could be the new maintenance shop. From there they moved on to a couple of roofing projects,
Baptist Park-2
and as they came to the end of the list, they worked with the maintenance guys to raise and level out two cabins!
Baptist Park-12
Baptist Park-1
It’s amazing what two old guys and a back-hoe can accomplish!
We ladies had a great month – we helped out with registration
Baptist Park-24
and spent the rest of our time sewing!!! We made curtains for the dining hall (15 windows, cabinet cover, table runners), kitchen (6 windows), nurse’s building (5 windows), and a cabin (2). I must admit that I love when I get to be a sewing SOWER!
Baptist Park-26
But really the most fun was watching and interacting with the kids!
Can you spot Rosie there with the Puddlejumpers? She had a little one attached for most of the morning!
Gotta love a little petting zoo and the day camp pre-schoolers!
Some of the actual petting zoo was not so enamored with all the attention!
Mama, help me!!! Hide me!!

How blessed we’ve been to be part of this camp!  We’ve made some wonderful friends this month, and I confess that leaving here will bring that bittersweet taste of saying good-bye to summer camp friends!  But we’ll see you again – here, there, or in the air, dear friends!

And just what flavor is this camp?  Well, I’d have to give it Moose Tracks – one of my all time favorites!
This morning we’re packing up and heading out! Next stop – New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island!!!! Hopefully I’ll find some Internet along the way, but if not, I’ll see ya in a week!

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