Now, where were we? Oh, right – that beautiful Monday morning-
The lake was so calm, I couldn’t resist another quick walk to the beach.
But we had a full day planned, so off we went. Our next destination – the Flowerpots (or Hopewell Rocks) of the Bay of Fundy.
So, just what do you know about the Bay of Fundy? Here’s what I knew. It’s really big. It separates New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. And it’s really big. Here’s what I’ve learned – the Bay of Fundy has the one of the highest vertical tides in the world – which means it has a really, really low tide and then a really, really high tide. Sometimes with over 50 feet difference from low to high tide. We made it a point to get there during low tide because that’s when you can actually walk “on the ocean floor” among the amazing sculptures (called flowerpots) formed by those twice daily tides.
Hopewell Rocks-1
Hopewell Rocks-2
Hopewell Rocks-3
We spent a couple of hours exploring the floor of the bay (there’s about a six hour window when the tide is out) and I was pretty busy with the camera –
Hopewell Rocks-4
Hopewell Rocks-5
Hopewell Rocks-8
Hopewell Rocks-10
If we had waited around long enough, we could have taken a kayak trip through the rocks during high tide-
Hopewell Rocks-21
(photographer’s note – this is a picture of a picture taken at the visitors’ center 🙂 )
but since we had other places to get to (like Prince Edward Island) this was as close as we got to kayaking….
Hopewell Rocks-20

It was a great stop – very informative and quite out of the ordinary!  And guess what?  There are more pictures HERE!

By the end of the day we were crossing the 8 mile Confederation Bridge,
New Brunswick 7.25.11-63
ready to start the Prince Edward Island part of the trip.
Be prepared – Green Gables tomorrow!

On a slightly different note, today, August 1, marks our 7th anniversary of life on the road! Seven years. Here’s my post from that day in 2004 –

It’s 7AM and it’s raining. But the RV is packed and we’re headed out at 8AM to begin this awesome (and sometimes overwhelming) adventure. Lots of family here to send us off – and we’re planning on going to Church and then leaving from there. I know we will need a LOT OF PRAYER over these next months (and years?). Feel free to jump in at any time!
Lots of last minute items to wrap up (like finding the coffee), so I’m off and running!
RV there yet?

For those of you who have been reading all along – thank you so much for sticking with us on our journey.  If you’ve just hopped on board at this little blog – welcome to our life! We can only give God the Glory for these amazing years – and pray that we will continue to go where He leads us, work as He directs us, and listen as He shows us the way.

Seven years.  Whooda thunk it!

2 thoughts on “Flowerpots”

  1. Can’t believe it has been 7 years already!! And you thought you were going to do this for only a year-not!! We miss you guys but you seem to be enjoying life to the fullest and doing the Lord’s work at the same time-changing lives and spreading the Good News. I enjoy this website and feel like I travel right alongside of you in each post. When I was reading the last post with the construction picture I immediately thought of Alaska and when I scrolled down you thought the same thing. That made me laugh 🙂
    Keep truckin’ along!!

  2. Stephanie,
    You blog has been an inspiration to me as my wife and I are transitioning to a radically different life. I will never forget the tears of joy that overcame me when I read an email response from you earlier this year.
    I pray that God will continue giving you the energy to stay the journey and that perhaps I can pay it forward some day to some other soul who is longing to follow the Master.
    Travel safe – Hope to meet you and Gary someday soon. Perhaps we can work a SOWERS project together.

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